Missing monsters / skins?


was playing earlier, ranked as bob and kelder.

took a break, did errands, log back in and now bob is locked, kelder is locked, i was working on eliting meteor goliath but now he’s locked. gorgon is locked.

i bought season pass 2 so i know i have gorgon. i got bob free with preorder.

on reddit some others on ps4 are experiencing the same thing.

im a PC player

Complete Skin Database


thanks, figured it wasnt just me since i see other platforms going through the same. just wait til it fixes itself then eh?


That’s my best guess. Probably a server issue.


Yeah we’re looking into it on our end. Your best bet right now is to just keep trying to re log into the main menu. Sorry for any frustration this is causing D:


youre good, thanks for commenting. ill just play my former main til bob and kelder come back


My Wraith Orca skin just vanished!? I know I have it, I’ve used it before just this morning, but now it is the only skin missing.


You should either make a bug thread about that or find a thread about missing skins. This isn’t the appropriate thread.


Just a server hiccup. It’ll be back.