Missing DLC's


I pre-ordered the Evolve Monster Race from Steam, but i don’t have any of the hunters/monsters unlocked, al i have is the goliath skins that come with pre-ordering.


You have to unlock them.


You don’t get them right off the bat you have to unlock t2s and t3’s and if you are talkin about the behemoth and t4 hunters they haven’t been finished yet they are still working on them.


The monster race includes the season pass, which steam says in in my library, this includes 4 hunters (which i’m guessing is tier 3) and the magma skin for monsters. I have the magma skin but no hunters. I understand the 5th monster isnt available yet and the the 2 t4 hunters. But i’m not sure if any of this includes the wraith, which I don’t have unlocked. The 4 monsteer skins are also not available, just magma and savage.

If I cant fix my no texture bug, and this dlc bug I will be demanding my £58 back!


As far as I’m aware no pre-order bonus on the pc allowed you instant access to the tier 3 characters.


Ok it may be t2 then , but on steam it says this:

Monster race edition - The PC Monster Race Edition includes Evolve, Evolve Hunting Season Pass, Fifth Playable Monster, Two Additional Hunters, and Four Monster Skins.

season pass - Boost your hunting party. The Evolve Hunting Season Pass includes 4 new hunters and 3 exclusive Magma monster skins for one low price. Unlock the Magma skins right away to customize Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith.

I’ve just had a look on steam, and they’ve JUST (emphasis on just) released dlc skins


The 4 new hunters mentioned in the season pass have not been announced yet. That would be t4. T3 comes with the base game and must be unlocked.

The only “day 1 DLC” this game has are skins, which you say you have. The other 2 monsters and 6 hunters aren’t even close to being released yet.


So is there is going to be 5 tiers of hunters? Since it says the season pass will give me t4 and the monster race will give me 2 more.

@The_Thagomizer, I don’t have the monster race skins, just the magma (season pass) and the savage (pre-order). I’m currently re installing my game anyway to try and fix my no textures bug, and since they’ve JUST released the skins, i’m guessing I will have 'em when my game is installed… again. I’m not sure if i will have the weapon skins though.


Yeah, all of the hunters and monsters mentioned are DLC that hasn’t been released. Unless you preordered through Gamestop, you shouldn’t get any weapon skins, only Savage Goliath and Magma skins. So far, we have 5 tiers confirmed, though it isn’t known if tier 5 will be complete or just have 2 extra hunters


There will be 5 tiers of hunters, yes, tho so far t5 only includes 2. The 2 monsters are also t4 and t5.

I’m not certain, but I am pretty sure that the savage and magma skins are all you get in PCMR.

In other words, there is no “DLC bug.” Just a misunderstanding.


@The_Thagomizer. No, I’m supposed to get 4 monster skins courtesy of the monster race pack WHICH I DON’T HAVE. I only have the season pass content and pre-order skin. Like I said, now they’ve been released as official dlc, i might have them when my game installs.


You’re right, my bad.


Same problem as OP, except I don’t have either the preorder savage Goliath skin or the magma skin. In fact i don’t have any DLC in game at all yet in my steam library it shows all the DLC with ticks and saying “installed” next to them.

Verified game cache to double check and still nothing.

Any help would be much appreciated as I don’t really want to get my money back just because of a few skins :/.


This comes from an unlock bug on 2k’s side. They are working on a fix as we speak.


Thanks for the quick reply. Games great loving evac mode. Dont suppose 2k have pit a timescale on when it might fixed?


@DamJess Any word on a fix for the DLC problems for these guys Jess?


Once the servers are back to normal I’m sure we’ll hear something! :monster:


What’s wrong with the servers lol?


Not sure if serious…


I’m serious I’m not home right now lol. Are they down?!?