Missing DLC/Skins/Variations [XB1]


I’m currently on XB1 right now and can’t seem to access any of my DLC. None of the T4/5 Hunters and none of the Variations come up. Most of my skins are missing too except for the Hunter Quest ones and the Neptune Kraken Skin. I’ve reset the game a bunch of times but to no avail. Anyone else have the same issue or know what’s going on?

@LadieAuPair anything weird with entitlements I should try?

EDIT: Shit the Skins and Variants are back, but T4/5 still show up with the “Buy in store” thing…

EDIT: Looks like my issue may have resolved itself?


I’ve been sort of having this on PS4. I keep losing my variants but I get them back upon restart.


Yeah I restarted about 5 times and it didn’t bring them back, but between matches they came back! Still no T4/5 though.


When this happens, you should try buying those again, it should tell you that you already bought and it will proceed to redownload your stuff. Nevertheless, if it takes you to the payment confirmation page, then don’t do it.