Missing 2 trophies


I’m still missing the ‘Ninja Time!’ and ‘Likes To Watch’ trophies. And I just cannot get them. Obviously, the second one is literally impossible as a solo player, but the first one is just hard. It’s mostly based on luck that the Hunter is alone, and looking the wrong way, and you haven’t encountered them in the game yet. This has only happened to me once but of course a fucking mammoth bird zapped me in my passing.

What strategies have people used to get this trophy? Or is this a matter of: ‘tough shit. Get good or do without’?


I’m missing the Ninja Time one too, but maybe lure hunters towards bigger wildlife, I could imagine the Murder Pits with the tyrants in the middle being handy, perhaps knocking them in with mimic?


You are incorrectly assuming that I am good at this game :joy: I’d never be as to get my Mimic up to them without it getting destroyed and position it to knock them in without taking damage.


I myself managed to get ninja time back when the game came out since alot of people were seperating and doing there own things.

Your best bet on getting those trophies is to find two or three people here on the forums to give you a hand with them.

Id help but im on a differant platform.


3 into Vortex/Banshee Mines with CR and camp a tunnel on Aviary. That’s how I snagged it!


I’ll give it a try. Now my only threat is those damn mammoth Birds!


Set wildlife to low. I can’t remember if aggressive wildlife is on that map, but that might help.


Also use the AI, set to favor monsters, have laz (limitd healing), maggie (tracks you quickly and daisy counts too), Kala/Sunny/Bucket and put the mines on a corner. I suggest the aviary as the small tunnels are great for this. Set mines at the start of the tunnel when one detonates place another. That’s how I cheesed the achievement.


Ninja time was without taking dmg, right? I did it as Kraken on Aviary right after one of those tunnels with 3 points in banshee mine


Should I use Damage Bonus or CDR perk? I’m considering DB. Also, should you just do it at S1? Will an incap count or should I set strikes to 0?


If you’re missing two trophies, then you don’t have them all. If you don’t have them all, you’re missing the platinum whatever for having all other trophies. You’re missing 3 trophies. :wink:


Bearing in mind the add-on trophies don’t count, I only need 1 more trophy to get platinum.

But yes, I am technically needing 3 but only need to obtain 2


What platform are you on? I need likes to watch as well.

As for ninja time, my friend and I cheesed several of the trophies. One of us would lead all the other hunters to their deaths, mostly with eels and then come back to the monster to be killed.


I took Goliath on aviary along with a minion, three into rock throw. I immediately went to the first tunnel and stayed out of sight. The hunters landed and came my way, and the minion engaged in the water pool just outside the tunnel. Luckily a tyrant had also spawned there as well…it often does. These chewed the hunters health down and I merely just threw rocks into the fray before ducking back into the tunnel for safety. Also set the match for favors monster. Take Caira, Griffin, Parnell, and Cabot.


I got ninja time by lava bombing the first gen on defend from a long ways out. For some reason, somone just kept taking them to the face and no one revived him. I wasn’t even trying to hit them =P


I’m on PS4.


I’ll give this a try as well.


I would use CDR with a Minion as help. I think thats ok


I could help you getting them :wink:


Me too. I could help you get those, if you help me get Likes to Watch.