Missed the livestream balance info from today


I missed the stream and will be working the rest of the day so I wont have time to go watch it (if there’s a thread detailing this feel free to link me to it and close this thread), what did I miss balance wise from the stream? Or any special changes coming? Also from what they showed does it seem like what I thought about in these posts on the reveal thread could be at all possible? If not, why?


From what I caught:

  • Leech Gun is going Auto with less fire-rate.

  • Gorgon is getting straight nerfs, she’s going to be even more useless at high level and less effective in pubs.

  • No reveal for Kala, no idea on what the implications on the teleportation pads are or anything for that matter.

  • Many bug fixes incoming.

I believe there is more changes, specifically Hunter-based but my internet had a heart attack constantly and I could never watch the whole live stream.


I haven’t been playing a lot recently, but why is gorgon getting nerfs? I don’t think she needed it.


I think she had a case of release-era Wraith syndrome. Overperforming in pubs whilst underperforming against solid mid-level play and higher.


The change in spider traps and acid will make it very hard to get downs. Web snare will be the only reliable source of damage and cc. The change to Mimic seems ok, but they should just remove the fact that damaging gorgon breaks mimic instead of increasing the amount of damage needed to break it.


It’s good thing what they have done for Gorgon … She needs that

Since the first week I’ve said spider traps needs to be nerfed

And buff the health of mimic … this is a good adjustment on her

Your experience with + against a character will lead – what is the right thing to do for that character


Meteor Goliath buff
Sunny Nerf
Gorgon Nerf and Buff
Slim Buff (Leech Gun is automatic)
The rest is to be revealed


Some numbers they provided on the stream, for those that missed it:

 - Jetpack Booster capacity reduced from 100 to 70
 - Jetpack Booster velocity boost reduced to 40%
 - Drone health reduced from 300 to 250
 - Nuke damage reduced from 175 to 165

 - Tracker shot reduced from 65 to 45
 - Missile shot reduced from 49 to 45

 - Leech Gun made automatic
 - Rounds per minute reduced from 240 to 210

Meteor Goliath
 - 1 extra second added to burn time

 - Spider Trap damage-per-second reduced across all levels (example given: 62 to 40 at level 1)
 - Acid Spit duration reduced
 - Damage required to break Gorgon out of Mimic increased

 -A lot of bug fixes.  Tons they said.


So… They’re nerfing Slim?


Its an equal balance. It has a slower RoF, but you won’t ever miss timing windows. In the end I think it equals out.



This is why.

As you know or maybe this is being brought to your attention for the first time guys is that the HB has a .5 second depletion time and in that time say you receive leeches from your target. Well those leeches wouldn’t do anything and it would add up for an entire wasted shot towards your HB so this was removed for him only so on top of this along with the automatic change that was listed it was more of minor compensation as LordDeath actually felt he was over the top(maybe, my memory is foggy on this) with his max ROF so it was dialed back a tad.

Slim updates

It was a bit of both. Most people won’t know about the .5 so they focused more on what the average player would be doing and that is the missing shooting window. It’s really a solution to both, they just didn’t mention the HB issue because for ‘most’ people it wasn’t noticeable.


While I do agree in the sense that it wasn’t “noticeable;” once you actually practice at a certain range where you max out your heal rate and slowly start to move forward where the timing is thrown off since your pellets are getting back to you during this depletion window(hell sometimes even two shots) I can say it is definitely noticeable on the higher end for people who actually practice Slim in terms of timing.

Don’t get me wrong as I do agree with you but I wouldn’t flat out say it wasn’t, “noticeable.”

Just me really as I really saw the importance of the timing. Ehhh I digress. Just excited for the changes :smile:


C’mon don’t be that way now :frowning:

They weren’t straight nerfs. They thought it out and Behemoth changes to back up the assumptions they made. I mean did high level hunters really stay in his lava pools for their full duration? Granted the only thing the acid spit change effects at the higher level is how much faster the hunter can move back to the area you denied and that’s it.

Their basis for the spider trap is sound at least to me and Mimic got a straight buff to how effective it is in combat.


Acid stays less.
Spider does less instant damage.
Mimic is slightly more viable in the open.

Pretty much straight nerfs with no compensation.


Spider trap does the same isn’t any damage no? It was only the DOT effect that was needed.

Also my point still stands for the acid spit duration.

This wasn’t straight nerfs, I seriously can’t see that.


Mimics hp wasn’t buffed. They increased the amount of damage done to gorgon needed to break mimic


I was told there was a Torvald nerf?


No info.

10 char


No, Spider Trap does roughly 30% instant damage + DoT. They nerfed the instant damage instantly making it more useless against good teams.

Gorgon = Less Viable