Missed Connections

Played with someone you liked, but too shy to ask them to friend you? Their in game name is Alice and yours is Bob and neither of you can find each others’ profiles? PsychoKiller666 forgot to mention he really goes by xFluffyBunnyPillowsx?

This topic is for your Evolve missed connections.

I honestly don’t understand what you are doing lol

Hey Grumpy. You were a great Val landing those shots better than me. I was Griffin then Abe when we killed the Kraken then his Wraith in a rematch. If you wanna be Steam friends I’m http://steamcommunity.com/id/toolbear

Make sense now? :sunglasses:

Sadly, I’m a very outspoken girl so if I like your Evolve gameplay I’m gonna let you know and add you on my friends whether you like it or not!

Cause on XB1 you don’t need their permission to be a friend :sunglasses: