Mircosoft Announces Cross-Platform Play, Something Evolve Sorely Needs


**Cross-Network Play
First, in addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live, we’re enabling developers to support cross-network play as well. This means players on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live will be able to play with players on different online multiplayer networks – including other console and PC networks.

Of course, it’s up to game developers to support this feature, and Xbox Live players will always have the option of choosing to play only with other Xbox Live players. We’re thrilled to confirm that Psyonix’s Rocket League will be one of the first games to take advantage of this new capability by enabling cross-network play between Xbox One and PC players, with an open invitation for other networks to participate as well.**


This is something this community desperately needs. Imagine if Xbox, PS4 and PC could all play together. Our small communities on individual platform would suddenly become HUGE again…

Please TRS, please look into this.


This has been brought up in the past. Not only by me but others as well. XB1 and PC cross-platform for Evolve won’t happen and PS4 is off-limits if it ever does.

Microsoft owns Xbox and Windows, for PlayStation to be involved it’d require serious legal actions.

Plus I’m almost positive this exact thread was made not long ago.


You’re correct. It was. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun, @niaccurshi, @MaddCow @Jedi_Warrior


We do already have a thread about this anyway. Feel free to continue the discussion in this thread. :slight_smile: