Minor visual bug PC

I have no idea how I did it. If I wanna select assault as my first preference it shows the assault logo but says “Trapper”

Same goes for if I wanna choose trapper. Shows Assault.
So basically it looks like this

and this

Aaaand tagging @Shaners just for the cherry on top. As I said, it’s minor but I have no idea how I managed it.

Assault is orange. Hybrid of support + Assault confirmed. Personal Shield now cloaks to.

It was actually glowing from red to orange to yellow :B

Wonderful :slight_smile:

Hello Toilet Wraith! What platform do you use?

Thank you!!

PC m’dear, as always.
I always forget to mention ^^"

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Aww its okay! I’m sorry for asking but I’d rather be 100% sure than guess after seeing so many in one day!! @.@ Thank you thank you!

Understandable! <3
Flies off to bed because holy cow it’s midnight here

Have a nice daaaaaaaaaay

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So I figured out how this is happening (I think)- it occurs when you’re swapping your roles around and someone queues you so it kinda forces you into the queueing screen. I think thats how I got it. :3