Minor issues with Torvald (and bonus glitches besides)


Loving the new Hunters (price aside) but I’ve noticed two glaring issues with Torvald that I think need fixing. The first is that the first person animation of his Autoshotgun is a little buggy when zoomed in, the gun seems to jitter about slightly on screen. Another issue is that while firing the shotgun if Torvald is knocked back in some way the sound of the shotgun firing will persist until he regains his footing and the gun automatically expends its remaining ammunition. I would also like to point out an incredibly irritating bug when playing as Lazarus (not that I do much now that Slim is here) whereby a corpse will randomly fall out of the map or appear half a kilometre away outside the map. Unless 2.0 fixed it in which case feel free to silence me.


Nope the patch made laz even worse


Do you have video proof of the bodies falling through the map?


Sadly as I use two very small SSD’s I don’t bother with video capture software, as it takes up too much space to record an event I can’t predict.


Ah thats ok. Well if you ever do get around to recording stuff and happen upon this bug, make sure to post it here as the devs are looking to get as much info on it as possible and every clip helps :smile:


The bodies falling through the map is a known issue and they are working on a fix. The latest patch had no fix for this problem. I see it happen all the time. I have been in games where every single time a hunter died they fell off the map and Laz was completely gimped because of it.


Well if you could recommend something other than Shadowplay that would enable quick, well compressed recording that I had good control over that’d be nice. I’ll keep it in mind, but as I said given how Slim is here I won’t be playing Laz too much :smile: