Minor Implementation Suggestions


I was playing the other night and had a few thoughts on very minor things I wish existed in the game.

First thing was when I was watching a replay where we killed a stage 1 Goliath and when watching the little blips run around I wished there was a little meter to show how close the monster was to evolving, to show whether we had him starved or too scared to stage up the whole game.

The second thing was when dealing with armored minions in defend, there seems to be no way to tell how much they have. If there was something to show how much armor they had it wouldn’t feel as fruitless wondering how close you are to dealing actual damage.

Thoughts? Other suggestions?


The Hunter’s Quest app (Which is free) shows your 10 most recent replays and it shows a TON of information. I’m extremely sad it isn’t part of the main game. It is super awesome.

I agree. Having a blue bar overlap the health bar would be nice.