Minor Changes for Large Impact



Be wary, this is a tad long.

Alright so, before I go into my suggestions I’d like to mention that the bonus’ for “founders” are pretty pathetic. I managed to get 3000 separate silver keys in a few matches. Sure we kept our characters and skins but we lost all emblems, and two animated emblems and a couple garbage backgrounds really don’t make up for dropping 100 dollars on your game on the actual release date. So either step it up or make sure those future bonus’ are better than this initial pity party thrown for those who wanted to support you guys. At the very least bump up the bonus for Monster Race edition purchasers.

Now in the sense of suggestions giving all hunters the ability to dome was great, but as a primarily monster playing user, having the dome spawn literally on top of you is the absolute worst possible mechanic. There used to be a fun game of trying to outrun the dome, but now if the medic manages to spot the back of my leg as I’m rounding a corner and dome me with no chance of running it kills my entire mood. Especially when it happens before I’ve had a chance to evolve and I’m at full energy. Make it an a throwable like the original dome and you have that small chance to escape and leave the hunters to watch you outside the dome. Having a prompt for acceptable throwing range is great, but again, having the dome spawn directly on top of me as I’m leaving their vision makes me want to quit the match half the time.
Long paragraph short, let Hunters all use the dome, keep the indicator showing they are in range, but the dome spawn from a throw-able like the original so that way there’s some leeway.

The next thing I’d like to mention is that an efficiently played Tech Srgt. Hank makes the Hunters un-killable. And considering he is the cheapest Hunter for purchase it makes him unreasonably OP. The permanent shield generator recharges way too quickly to be considered fair, especially when the Hunters have potential for reduced cooldown/reload. 15 seconds means 4 times every minute of gameplay meaning a team of hunters can come up on a level 1 monster all with full shields that don’t deplete over time. In my experience fighting against this, if you can’t get enough damage to consistently drain all four shields at once they will all almost never lose any physical health. And when you get one person off on their own that generator can fill them almost entirely in a single burst making combat against an even moderately good Hunter team nearly impossible for nearly any monster to kill. Please nerf the ever loving hell out of that character or make him cost way more than under 3000 silver keys.
Long Paragraph short Tech Sgt. Hank is too inexpensive and too exploitable. Please Nerf or make more expensive to purchase.

The only other complaints I could have at this point in the games re-launch is that maybe Rogue Val is much too fast? It may have been the players perks but she seems to be able to keep up with the monsters a little too well. And even as a Monster player I miss that small chance of carrion birds showing up on corpses you’ve eaten, though if you bring them back maybe make it so they can’t spawn until you’re done eating the thing.

Now I understand my suggestions are biased towards making things easier for the Monster but I’m mainly concerned about keeping the game fun. And a Support that can make the Hunters effectively un-killable, and an 100% unavoidable dome are unbelieveably mood killing. Even a 10% chance to avoid the dome would make it more enjoyable. Escaping the dome was always sort of a meta-game for me, and I’m sure the same could be said from other Monster players.