Minor Change to Kala's Armor Reducer?


So in the middle of a game with a Kala the other day (against Bobbo), I heard her say:

“Give me time, Behemoth! I’ll steal your power too!”

That got me thinking; the act of stealing involves taking, right? So to buff Kala a little bit, what if when Kala uses her armor reducer, she gains her own shields that charges up as long as the armor reducer is live? That would make her be a tad bit less squishy and just nice imo. Just a personal buff–I think that if EVERYONE gains shields while she strips armor it would be too OP. Unless it’s a small amount of shield.

Would this be a good change?

Edit: OR WHAT IF: Kala’s Armor Reducer charges her Shield Burst??? (Would that be too much ._.) (I like the idea)

Make kala viable!

I have actually been planning on making this suggestion myself. I think the idea has been around for a while, but I’d like to see it actually get some consideration from the devs. Atm Kala is too much risk for too little reward, with an unreasonably high skill floor and ceiling. I think with this and teleporters that are easier to get through (larger radius on them) she’d be a formidable hunter, without making her easy mode or without risks.


How about leaving her armor reductor as it is, but adding a secondary fire mode which also drains monster’s armor, but also gives shield to Kala, however at expense of much higher “ammo” consumption?


Some interesting ideas here!


Her armor reducer is completely fine as it is. Giving her shields is like turning her into a pseudo-Hank and we don’t need a pseudo-Slim running around. Slim is already a bad concept by having his shield burst recharge faster with his gun so having yet another person fill this idea except this time with an auto-lock weapon?

No. Just leave it as it is. There is literally nothing wrong with it. Kala is perfectly viable.


Then make the lock have a smaller and shorter radius. It’d force her to get more up close and possible be targeted. I’d be fine with that change so long as she has more utility.

  1. She already has everything a support needs. She has defense, offense, and utility.

  2. This is a straight up buff to make her a pseudo-Slim. The community doesn’t need that, the game doesn’t need that, and Kala certainly doesn’t need that. She’s fine as she is, don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

  3. She isn’t a character that’s meant to be focused, no support is but they do because they’re one of the most valuable team members. Your idea here is to turn her into Slim. Slim is already a toxic concept that many don’t like for various reasons.

This is an annoying buff. It turns her into the best support there is and it’s pointless. It’s like giving Lennox a nerf. She’s already considered underpowered so doing so does nothing but worsens that or giving Slim a buff, he’s already OP so it just makes him more so.

She’s fine. I get you like the change and all but it is completely unnecessary.


It’s really not unnecessary considering Kala is already the least defensive support, the hardest character to use/play around, and generally considered one of the weakest characters overall.

Unlike Cabot, who can use the amp even when being focused as a deterrent, Kala gets completely shut down when the monster attacks her, negating the only really useful part of her kit. The armor reducer breaks all the time, has a tiny capacity, takes forever to remove the armor, and gives armor back in chunks upon snapping. Her teleporters are instantly destroyed by anything the monster does and are extremely difficult to get through in combat anyway because of their tiny radius. Her siren missiles do piddly damage if just used as projectiles, and are destroyed by monster abilities and melees if used as mines. As it stands, all the monster has to do is focus Kala and there might as well not even be a support. She needs something.

That being said, I do think that instantly giving herself a double shield in addition to her high offensive capabilities might be a little overkill. So instead, maybe she should just be able to remove armor instantly.


Actually no, that’d be Cabot. She can provide damage and more protection than Cabot can.

So saying she is the “least defensive support” is just wrong.

This is subjective.

The general consensus means nothing. I could cry from the heavens that Quantum Caira is the most overpowered thing known to man and if I get a couple dozen others to voice my opinion and we are then considered the “general consensus” does that mean we are correct?

No. No it does not.

Jumping back to an argument I’ve previously made, go back in time to slavery; the general consensus was that slavery was 100% okay and that people could and would be property. Was that okay? No, it sure as hell wasn’t.

General consensus has no impact upon what is factual. Could she be the weakest? She very much could, but with everyone constantly crying over everything I’d like to see some solid evidence that backs your claim before I consider that she is weak because she is by no means weak.

Stun locking can break the beam and he still has zero protection against it. You take damage but so does he; it’s a trade off.

  1. She can still fire her mines and deal the most damage of any Support.

  2. Saying “the armor reducer breaks all the time” when she’s being focused directly destroys your previous argument of “Cabot can amp” because we all know he can’t when he’s being focused and they also are both beams. They have the same physics and laws to abide by so saying one works while being focused and yet the other one doesn’t is false.
    Either they both work or they both don’t. There’s no other option.

  3. Tiny capacity is what balances it otherwise you could tear down houses like Miley Cyrus destroys walls with wrecking balls.

  4. It takes literally two seconds or less to remove the armor off of any Monster.

As it should. You just ripped off the Monster’s armor and as such he needs protection the moment you run out.

  1. As they should given that they can do anything from guaranteeing an Emet Respawn Beacon, to getting Laz out of the dome, to just escaping and going to Guam in the blink of an eye.

  2. Really? Because they have a pretty large radius and I find people hopping into them by mistake all the time. They’re hitbox is very large you’re exaggerating how “hard” it is to get in them.

They do about 50% of their regular damage and when would aim to use them as projectiles is the better question.

That’s your opinion. Kala is perfectly viable and a good Kala is a pain with teleporters. Get good with them as they’re part of your kit and you should be using them instinctively. They have a ton of uses.

Seriously; everyone always exaggerates how bad characters are in hopes that they get buffed to the moon or how good they are to get nerfed.

  • Wraith
  • Slim
  • Kraken
  • Torvald
  • Sunny
  • Griffin

So. Many. Examples.


I like the idea of Kala using the armour reducer to give herself armour. So it could be that armour on herself is permanent, but on others is temporary and only grantable through shield bursts.

So far all Supports have to juggle between items, only using one tool is boring, also I imagine her pick rate is pretty bad. The way I see it, giving her this selfish buff means she isn’t doing damage, and she would be using time in the dome slowly charging her own shield. You could nerf another part of her kit to compensate, maybe her damage if it seems to strong. But let the armour to shield transfer rate be slow. Maybe like THank, that way its not too strong, but at least if the monster has no armour, you can do something other than just shoot mines.


and Cabot doesn’t lose anything when it breaks. Every time kala’s beam breaks it starts resetting the monsters armour so it’s more like blitz markov’s tesla gun only not quite as severe.

They don’t work the exact same so what you’re saying is false.

Her team shield burst shields 550 her self shield burst shields 450 Cabots self SB is 625 and team is 600.

And with most monsters it’s extremely easy to prevent a TP. FB, snowballs, Acid Spit, fissure/tg to grab hunter, death spiral only one who might have trouble is Wraith but she still has WB or abduct to delay that hunter getting to the TP.


Sounds incredible so I think it’d be better off in an entirely new character. Basically the Slim of the Support class, using a certain tool to charge Shield Bursts.