[Minor Bugs] "Skin Unlocked" & "Perks Unlocked" Screen Glitches

Just a few glitches I’ve found while playing for the last few days. I think some may be caused by the bonus XP weekend (I get the feeling the system wasn’t meant to handle going up 16 levels from 1 game), but some may be unrelated. Regardless, here’s some glitches I’ve recorded:

“Perks Unlocked” screens with multiple unlocks in them:

The one I captured was for Sunny, but I’ve noticed this for multiple characters as well. It usually happens when you gain many levels at once (usually going from level 1 to level 16 in one game, etc.), and it causes oddities like duplicated perk icons and offsetting the entire list. Doesn’t happen in all cases, mind you, so I’m not 100% sure what exactly causes it to glitch out like this.

Meteor Goliath elite skin oddity:

Little bit strange; I unlocked the elite skin for Meteor Goliath, but instead of showing the normal splash art, it displayed the Savage skin for OG Goliath and a weird error text underneath. I only caught the tail end of it as it left (I was hoping the screen would have lasted longer), so apologies for the picture being cut off a bit.

Elite & Prime skins not showing up in unlock screen:

Like the first glitch, the one shows up in some cases, but not for others. Simply put, the character models for the monsters sometimes don’t show up when initially unlocking their elite & prime skins. To clarify, this is only after the post-game lobby; in all cases where it’s occurred to me, the monster’s pre-game and in-game models were completely fine. Not sure if this glitch occurs when pressing the “continue” button immediately (before the screen naturally slides over to the unlocked page).

Missing images should be there now

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