Minions should be edible


just as the title states, why are minions not able to be eaten upon death? They should be four meats like other wildlife. I know it wouldn’t make a difference too often but I still feel like the monsters should be able to cannibalize their brethren.


I was gonna counterargue with “What if they don’t like the taste, texture?” And then remembered Rock Toads are edible and probably taste like garbage…


And they give you diarrhea according to Crow.

Eating a minion would be so rare since they usually die to the hunters they could give you a buff for successfully eating one.


Yeah, Crow came to mind when I remembered Rock Toads.


I like this idea. Maybe a minor boost to armor or health regen?


Even if minions were edible, they’d most likely get killed right next to the hunters. Eating them would be hard since the minions always follow the same predicted route and rush headlong into the hunter’s space.

They remind me of Lemmings in a way.


That’s why them having a good buff would be interesting. A lot of risk/reward if this were a thing.


Cannibalism. :scream:


Cannibalism is usually bad for organisms on Earth, but with the way Monster HNA works who knows?


That’s why I brought up the buff idea for them. You would get a reward for successfully eating would be a corner case scenario but could add some variety.


Also it wouldn’t be a hard thing to implement since they already have a decay animation like all other wildlife.


that’s cannibalism gross


Yeah, but what if the Hunters decided they wanted the buff and yoinked it every time? It would basically be handing the Hunters a free buff for no work at all.


Behemoth + Rock Wall = Get buff every time, whatever it might be :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, a buff that last a very short time (20sec?) for the hunters provided by killing the minions would be a great way to incentivize the actual defend, as not dealing with the minions would leave the hunters without the buff. So the race down would be harder, defending would be easier, and the monster would have more incentive to defend the minions while the hunters try to kill them.

You could also make the monster buffed by the minions being alive, so that the hunters rushing the monster down would leave the minions alive longer, making the monster stronger.


Well, we don’t really know a lot about the monsters biology, or how they interact with each other, so there could be reasons they don’t eat each other; perhaps their bodies produce a certain amount of a chemical, which if they have too much of it disagrees with them, maybe they have a certain respect for their dead that would make eating a minions corpse not an option.


Yes, yes!