Minions op as f*** in nest


Yeah the title explains it all the minons play like mlg players


What kinda “MLG” do you watch?

I get kinda pissed that they just so poor ai and aim as the mosnter, they don’t hit jack when they throw rocks and you can just jump from 2 pillars and it will chase back and forth like a cat…


Must be lucky cause they rock throw snipe like no other


…Have we been watching/playing the same game? The minions I’ve seen use advanced tactics, re unpredictable (to an extent), do an excellent job emulating a player’s action, and never miss. I’ve triple jetpack dodged through pillars and been nailed by a rock. Those guys are RIDICULOUS. But there are rumors of a bug causing the AI to be inconsistent, s there’s that.

@Alex_Ward Minions will melt under fire. They can be 1v1ed by Assault or Support, essentially.

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I kinda feel like Nest favors the monster, Rescue favors the hunters…

As I haven’t played anything but the monster with the retail version that just came out and have won every Nest - but lost every Rescue …

Really struggling with rescue… if I focus on the hunter team, the rescue targets just waltz into the extraction zone and if go after the targets, the whole hunter team keeps wrecking me pretty damn badly. Can’t seem to find a good strategy… Everything else I’m doing ok with.

Oh and yeah, the nest minions really track the hunters well… One hunter was still alive and managed to lose me and I was trying to find him to win and suddenly “Monster wins”, when the minion had find him and killed him … :smiley:
So yeah, they’re pretty beast…


The minions never got me with a Rock Throw in the beta… Idk, maybe it’s the Rock Throw buff they added after Beta.


what annoy me more is not their aim but their bot like target acquisition. here the order. Hunter (if dome up) -> Medic -> Support -> Assault. and that apply to when they fight you,the 3 second before dome goes down all aggro goes off and they run off in a direction. Also how they react with cloak is funny and yet not at the same time,you go cloak and dont attack they will completely lose you but the single frame where you go off invisibility you can see their head turn 180 degree and shoot laser of hate at you.

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Jetpack dodge after they throw not before.


… weird. I monstered a few games of Nest just now, and my minions never seemed like more than a speedbump to the hunters. S’like they mere made out of wax. ;p

That said, I do know that the AI for the Goliaths has a tendency to go all Skynet and decide that every hunter must die. It hurts to be on the receiving end of that. x_x


honestly minions are overpowered as it gets. I’ve literally seen a team with 3 premade and flawless teamwork wipe to a single minion without the monster having to lift a finger. This is because of the nonstop focus and skill smash that makes it so u can’t move the second it focuses you. its bad enough having the monster use powers but the minions got to much advantages programming to make it fair. to add to this the programming often favors the minions not the monster. I’ve seen a minion launch a boulder the exact opposite direction its facing for no reason in a mid range fight and flawlessly land it its not luck its programming is overpowering compared to human beings.


Whenever I hatch an egg in nest the minion takes off and gets killed in like ten seconds, doesn’t seem OP to me.


Guess I must meet the best pugs in the whole world. Just killed a Minion and nobody went below 70% and that without any communication. Guess we used some form of telepathy and have the teamwork of a 10 trained Special Forces squad since our teamwork was more than perfect or maybe you are exaggerating a bit ;).
All you have to do is doge his abilities and not try to predict them. Leap Smash dash in his direction; bolder wait till the bolder is in the air than dash.


try looking at what it does to the hunter in the process of dying. hatching 2 eggs in nest games has won me 80% of my nest matches without having to kill more then a single hunter. If you coordinate with it as well while your the monster the win rate goes way up as well.


That mustve been a pretty bad team then… I think the minions are just right. They are there to help the monster (since nest is almost garaunteed a stage 1 match), and they do a good job of helping with damage as well as taking a bit of aggro.


P.S. there is a horrifying error in nest. As my friend discovered his first nest match as the monster he hatched 4eggs at the same time there were 5 Goliaths eating those poor poor people at the same time.


Hmmm, definitely a bug. You can’t hatch more than 1 minion at a time.


Instead of talking about the AI Goliath minions, let’s talk about the AI Goliath in general, that has the same tactics as the minions, in my opinion, AI should be unpredictable, in others words, he shouldn’t have this kill order( medic or trapper first, support next and last assault) it’s very unfun for the medic and the trapper since the AI just doesn’t let them do ANYTHING( unless you have Caira of course…) and Hank just gives them a couple of seconds of life, medic and trapper are just there to be bate…


agreed the AI goliath is better programmed in my opinion then either the kraken or wraith its abnormally well programmed. I grant I hate the goliath as a hunter cause being knocked senseless and not being able to escape incredibely annoys me but the AI’s for it r just horrifying.


May not be minions hatched from eggs they’re talking about, may be the monster minion that is a map effect for the monster. The one he gets for winning the previous map, I think? There’s another thread about that minion being really OP.


I’ll jusr drop here how awesome hatched minions are :smiley:

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