Minions dont deal damage to the generator ( GAME-BREAKING )


Im done whit Defend on this Map

every time i play Monster on this Map i got this stupid bug
the minions hit the last generator but he didnt get any damage
im the only one who can make damage

here is a better look u can see how the minions hit him but no damage

Plz TRS fix this fast
i will leave now every time if i got this Map as Monster
it just happen on this Map

Minions dont do dmg at Generator 3 in Defend

Easier solution is to not fight and let Hunters kill you instantly, no deserter penalty :stuck_out_tongue:

But yea pretty annoying bug, I faced it too few times


This one is new to me. I’ve never seen this.




I had this too the other day. Was just me, @TheMountainThatRoars and a guy on Monster (Goliath I think), two hunter bots. There had been some hot swapping.

At one point we chased the monster pretty much back to the first destroyed generator but when we got back to the ship connection at the final stage we saw the minions there hitting away but doing no damage.

PC quickplay online, Hunters were to the best of my knowledge Abe, Hank… can’t quite remember if it was Markov or Hank, and if it was Val or Rogue Val.


Thanks God im not the only one who got this annoying bug