Minion OP?


Do you think that the minions are over powered? In evacuation you can earn a minion Goliath after winning on a specific map and he will follow you and will fight with you. There are also minions in Nest and Defend but those seem to be pretty balanced for the most part. However, I think that the minion that you are rewarded in evacuation is too strong when the main monster works with it. I don’t think I’ve seen any monster lose with the minion especially if the main monster fights with the minion and if you use it correctly the minion can be devastating like in this clip.

Watch it or don’t watch it but what do you think about the minion reward in evacuation?

Note: If you do not play evacuation or you simply have not seen the minion in action I would recommend watching the video… Shin…


I can solo a minion as Val. Just takes a lot of time. So no, they are not OP.


Really? I don’t think so… especially not if I (or simply the primary monster) is there as well. Did you see how easy it was to knock those hunters around? I barely had one bar of armor as a stage one kraken and they still barely touched my health not to mention the minion Goliath was at almost full health as well.

Btw, I might have believed you if you said an assault or Abe but not Val… 0% chance.


If the Monster is with it then it’s pretty damn powerful.


Nah, not OP at all. It just seems that way because he’s with a monster. I defeat them rather easy as well.


Okay but minion will always be with the monster if it comes from the evacuation bonus as it follows the main monster wherever it goes. If you watch the video you can tell that I won EASILY at the very begging of the game. I didn’t even armor up or stage up and the fight was still extremely one sided.


The Evac map effect minion is pretty much just a Stage 1 Goliath without armor. It can be pretty tough having two Monsters attacking at once, but in that video they should have been trying to get rid of the minion first. It’s not fun when there are 2 AI Goliaths, often doing the same attacks at the same time - better hope you don’t mistime your dodges. It can be pretty overpowering adding another Monster into the mix, but it ends up being just one of the few useful map effects.


It’s meant to help him win. He lost the last round, so he gets “buff”. It balances it out when I play. I win some lose some. Depends on the party in with as well.

I also depends on when he gets it. If he gets it because he’s lost 3 matches straight, he will wreck me. Lol


I think that the nest minions are stage one without armor but this one seems to be a stage two or he at least has some armor.

Did it really look like they had the choice to focus on the minion only? NO. I wouldn’t let them attack my minion even if they begged. I would be dealing SO much punishment if they ignored me and focused my minion. Also, they didn’t have enough time to kill my minion with the amount of dps that team had.


You get the minion Goliath after you win a match as the monster lol. It pretty much guarantees another victory for the monster.


Yeah we Dome the Minion while Mama Monster runs. Gives the Monster some free time, but it’s a FAR better scenario than fighting them both at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it is a pretty potent map effect, really makes you want to win on Refueling Tower just to avoid it O.o


Yea, lmao I wrote that backwards. Sorry, watching tv as well lol.


That is definitely a good strategy but it is up to monster whether he wants to let you beat up the minion or not. If he sees you dome the minion without him there is nothing stopping the monster from simply walking into the dome and joining the fight.


@MacMan Would you happen to have telemetry on the win loss ratio with the evacuation minion bonus?


Then it’s not the minion that’s OP, is it? Damaging you doesn’t stop you from damaging the Hunters. Killing the minion stops the added minion damage. There’s no other strategy but to kill the minion first, and it’s done successfully fairly often.


I think I like what you saying :smirk:


Yeah it’s always a gamble; more often than not they just keep going for the free(ish) evolve and let the Minion fend for itself

Some of yall are horrible mothers! Leaving your babehs behind to cage fight while you run away… >:(

I mean… just because your baby CAN handle itself doesn’t mean you should leave it alone D:

Though what you said HAS happened, too! Usually by then, we have a decent headstart at least… Hey, any advantage is a good one at that point O.o


LOL. @Shin. :joy:


Minions OP? :laughing:
How did this thread come into existence? lol!


Watch the video and you will* understand.

* The will should be a might