Minimap for Monster Confirmed!


I don’t think anyone who hasn’t had first hand experience will have seen this. I haven’t seen an in game use of a mini map for Evolve before.

White arrow is the Monster. The greyish area to the right looks like the Dam.


Looks like a decent sized map. Good find :slight_smile:


This is awesome! where did you find it? I’d also agree, this looks like the Dam. Now I’m gonna have to watch the E3 footage all over and figure out landmarks!


It was in the video by Jackfrags someone posted, Jackfrags Plays Kraken.
It popped up quite a few times, I’m surprised no one else mentioned it.


There’s a minimap button for the hunters, so I guess the monster also has this button ?


Yeah, I would assume so, but I haven’t seen any in game footage of a Hunter minimap yet though.


Me too, but Plaff said there is one since there was such a button for hunters when he played the game.


That just reminded me I don’t actually know the controller layout.


I heard this map is small compared to the first map they showed entitled * fusion plant *


I noticed multiple times and made a few mental comments. I should note that it might not be confirmed - anything between now and the final release is subject to change, even if it is in older gameplay videos from the press. I hope it stays though; looks pretty helpful when navigating maps as claustrophobic and dense as the one we’ve seen so much of.


It has been in all the public builds, as far back as the Gadget Show and PAX I think, so it’ll be quite an explanation if they decide to remove it.


For the monster the mini-map button is the back/select button (the one to the left of the xbox/ps logo on the controllers).

Hunters have a mini-map too. I haven’t played as them yet but I remember @MacMan saying you can see the direction of the monster in the mini-map if it triggers a sound spike. I’d imagine the hunters can access the mini-map with the same button


Do you remember the entire controller layout though?


I think in one of the threads either 12 minutes of Kraken or JackFrags loves evolve xD one of those two used it a bit


Not really. It’s hard to remember them all after only playing once


Actually, the PS4 has no select button, I believe it is the touch pad that replaced select


The PS4 controller’s touch pad technically is the same though, the buttons are just specific on where you push it. I’d assume it would be pushing the top left of the touch pad.


Actually just pushing the touch pad works as the select button, although some games have it where pushing a specific spot makes a difference, they are mostly PS exclusives


WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TOUCHPADS, Evolve has been delayed :frowning:


Ah, well that makes me a bit happier. I’ve had situations where when I was first playing Ground Zeroes I’d push the touch pad and it’d open up a different menu than what I wanted.