Minimap bug


My minimap is still bugging all around. I press Tab and it apears but it’s flickering really hard. Can’t look at it for a longer time. I don’t have this bug on my laptop.

My PC uses 2 Gtx 970s and I am playing on 2160p resolution.


Can you get a video of it?


That is a litte bit of work. Where should I upload it? It is like if you make a film of a monitor. The map is going on and off the whole time but not like pressing tab often.

I tried to cap it with fraps but that doesn’t work.

It only takes one picture and all sound. I then tried to set the game resolution to 1080p and that worked, switched it back to 2160p and still worked, no flickering. Startet a new game, started flickering again.


You can use shadowplay to record, which is included in the GeForce experience software.

Then post it on youtube or something? It’s easy to upload there, but it might take a little while because of the default encoding. Shorter video is a good idea. We just need to be able to see it so we can get a better idea of what’s going on.


Minimap bug on Youtube

I hope it works. The flickering on my screen is even faster than in the video.


Thanks man. While I’ve never seen it, somebody who actually works on the game can now see what’s going on and try to fix it.


I’ve never heard of that one either…


It really behaves like the framerate of the map is too low to see a constant map. It is really annoying, especially if you are trapper like Griffin and always have to look for soundspikes.



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