Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


The plastic on the second mini looks smoother, especially the hood and cape. It looks really nice. I imagine they will both paint up well? I have run into trouble painting some board game minis in the past where primer or paint on the soft plastics made everything sticky no matter what. That transparent plastic kinda scares me.


Are you cleaning the minis before priming or painting? Because the releasing agents are usually all over those minis.

Also are you using an aerosol primer? Because those don’t cure well on soft plastics and will remain sticky forever.

That’s why I like the airbrush for priming and basing, it doesn’t matter what type of plastic or what the weather is like.

And no harmful chemicals.

I’ll probably get the blue one primed tonight before D&D.


I had two boxes of Nexus Ops figures…the only minis I’ve ever had issues with. I do use an automotive aerosol primer - Rustoleum. Honestly never had issues with anything, covers smooth like butter and I can control how light or heavy I want it (but very true outside temps MATTER!).

I had primed my first game batch but they turned sticky, even after soaking and cleaning beforehand. I figured that would change when I applied paint - nope. I even sealed afterwards with a heavy matte sealant. Still no go.

I bought the second copy and for the first time I used a polyurethane dip, but did not prime (still washed minis though)…it is far far better but do still feel oily to the touch now (unsure if that is a result of the minis or dipping since I hadn’t dipped before and this was a varnish dip).

I’ve only seen one person who was able to paint these minis but when I contacted him he tried to be helpful but had used a similar method to my original…which was to spray primer white and use the Citadel washes to color…he claimed no stickiness even though using an aerosol but couldn’t recall which brand he used. It probably has something to do with that. I only have the Rustoleum Automotive Primers.

I bought a third copy of the game and am too afraid to try anything with it, but I hate the almost pastel colors of the minis and they are so detailed that a simple wash would do wonders. I still play with the dipped minis but have the need to wash my hands after playing.

Original minis right out of the box (they enhanced the shadows in this photo…IRL you can’t see the fine details when on the board):

Only successful paint job I’ve seen on them and what I wanted to replicate:

My sorry attempt to dip (dipped black but probably should have dipped a deep brown instead):

My sorry attempt at using white primer and washes:
No photo because they were so bad and sticky, even after spraying with matte sealers, I threw the entire set of figures out.

Tagging @The_Specialist so you can see the Nexus Ops minis. It’s a really fun Risk-type game that ends in 30 minutes and has cool monsters that each have different skills and attacks, etc. Very much fun.


My first thought was “Those do look pretty cool”


If you wanna cover shipping I’ll prime them for you and if you have the paints I can base them too, all with the airbrush so you won’t have to worry about the primer not curing.


I may have to take you up on that. I would only need them primed white without base panting. Thanks for the offer and I will keep you posted. Do you use Simple Green to wash your minis or just standard soap and water? I used Simple Green before but I can use soap and water if it’s a bit better, if it matters.

Also, my Army Paints just came in today! They are super cold so I’ll have to let them acclimate to the house temp before trying to paint anything.


I have vallejo black and grey primers. The grey is pretty light though, about the color of wizkids minis.

I use soap and water if they’re not already painted. Simple Green to strip the paint off.


Hmm, I looked that up. It’s a paint-on-surface primer? So I could get some of that and paint via brush onto them, I imagine?


I don’t see why not?


I bought some of the black primer (I typically only primer in black) and will try that stuff out via brush. The weather is far too cold to prime outdoors. Well, I could, and I have before, but bringing them back in the house the fumes are too bad and I have serious headache problems as it is so, that’s no longer an option for me. Plus, with my Rivet Wars game, I could paint just the figures and forego the bases entirely. They come already pre-attached to them and while I’ve seen some really cool paint jobs with them, I’d rather just not because I’m a lazy git. We’ll give this a try.

The primer was $25 per bottle though, and I don’t use white, so I might still need you for those Nexus Ops. :wink:

Any update on your Revony?


$25?! Holy crap, I think I paid that for a black and grey (200ml) each. Damn.

Well the offer is on the table, just let me know. I can probably have it done in a day or two depending on how many you have.

No update yet, I’ve been working on the house, but I plan to get back to her on Tuesday. Next game is not for two weeks, I just want her done or close to it by then.


Each of them (200ml) were $25 on Amazon:


Huh, guess I got lucky or bought from a third party. Dang.


Our entry-level 3D printer came in yesterday at long last. Ordered that sucker back in November! Anyway, this is a print from it. A lot of print registration which I expected for a beginner model machine, but not too bad for just having some fun with. This is a 1.5 inch miniature meant for a keychain.

Also, my Vallejo primer came in and I test painted it. Sweet at even just one layer! I also had some Warhammer sprues for testing and it went on that real nice too. Thanks for the tip!
I shall test paint my Army Painter paints on this thing soon.


Excellent! Can’t wait to see what else you print!


I’ve been doing a lot of 3D printing…but honestly it takes a long time per piece, sometimes I just leave it print all night. Painting the 3D prints presents frustration only because of the nature of the 3D “layer lines” which require filling with paint…more layers required overall. First painted project is this:

The Simpsons Stonecutter’s Ring (sized for my husband):

Put 2 layers of the Vallejo black primer, based with 2 layers of Citadel Retributor Gold, followed by 2 layers of the base Citadel Mephiston Red for the face…and of course a liberal Citadel Earthshade Wash over all of it, allowed to drip downward towards the face of the ring…then highlight painted with the Army Paints for flavor.


Egads, don’t use citadel paints for those. You’re just tossing your money away. :scream:


I hear what you’re saying but its only the base paints and wash sets I have. I just gotta use Citadel for those things, it’s so great and worth it! Even if it is used on some plaything scrubby 3d prints, heh.


Husband showed off his Stonecutter ring at work…there’s like 20 people who want their own made now…


Success! I’d get some cheaper paints though. :wink: