Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


I found this while looking up various 3D printing and miniatures.

I didn’t know or hear that Matt had work done with Blue Table!? Whaaaaa? Awesome!

Anyone else have minis made by Hero Forge? Is it wrong to never have played DnD and still want to make custom figures for reasons?
Character from my novel:

Been looking into that as well as possibly, maybe, I dunno, getting back into mini painting. I DID just buy Rivet Wars:

An old Cool Mini or Not Kickstarter that I guess fell by the wayside in favor of their other board games. But I really dig Steampunk and although I keep wanting to buy their models again…Warhammer still makes me rage with their prices! Like legit…every time I look at something the price is higher than it ever was before.

So maybe I will paint something soon, we’ll see.

Edit: Just for fun I did @MaddCow :


I’m loving those MaddCows :smiley:

Here are two from my campaign. My 5 year old son and wife did theirs, respectively. (They are both Dragonborn)

My son wanted to be a pirate. He came up with his own unique magical item. The horn on his belt can be used with a recharge period and it will summon from a table of water type creatures such as giant lizards, giant frogs, giant crabs, a giant toad, crocodiles and flying snakes. The quantity and rarity is rolled from a D100 chart. It’s kinda nifty. His name is Roxxstyr and is a Barbarian. (Rocks-Stir)

My wife is a wizard and she is from the military. Because of her background she has pseudo battle maneuver points that she can use to help command other players on the battlefield. Her name is XyKara (Zi-Car-Ah)


I’m actually awaiting the arrival of my new Hero Forge mini. Her name is Revony and she’s a low key necromancer. This is color scheme I made for reference when I paint her. I opted not to get the cat, though.

I also made a chibi version but didn’t actually order it.


Can you make chibis on Hero Forge? They all looks so amazing.

Love yours also Maddie. Your son is really creative…it’s really nice to see how he’s shaping up! Do you plan to have the figs made? And, your son and wife have a mini but where is yours?


They have another site called chibify, works the same way.


Not quite the same but…still cute.
Rather Super Dungeon Explore in looks. :slight_smile:


Druid? Or is the duck her familiar?


Technically a falconer…but the chibi form would be a erm…duckener?


This might be a good class for her chibi form.


I found some miniatures I had painted for board games. These are a commissioned set of Robo Rally original edition figures:

And these are my own from the latest edition of the game:

Sad I can’t find all of the commissions I’d done in the past for so many things but I did find this Mice and Mystics set:

And this was for an LoTR game that I can’t remember the name of:

A custom MLP kirin figure (lol):

And Cosmic Encounters I painted in trade for Tom Vassel of The Dice Tower fame:
And a video of some finished Mansions of Madness monsters:

…and also of course Space Hulk stuff:

Also Please note that my original channel got stolen w/all of my content so it is not listed under SledgePainter


She’s here. Did a real quick ocl prime with the airbrush because I have no patience.


But I always looked at airbrush as requiring patience…having to clean the pot out between each color and all that. I am sure it saves time priming and possibly base coloring large batches of guys though.

That’s not a bad looking model. My concern is when using washes on 3D printed stuff because of how it pools in crevices. I can see the grain f the printer on this but don’t know how the wash will make it look…it may be ok if the marks are very fine or maybe can be sanded a bit like on the open book pages that are so flat. I look forward to seeing this one done. I have yet to order mine from Hero Forge.

Also, I set up my old faithful painting table. It’s been years and the light still works! Now I just need paint. I settled for The Army Painter 50 bottle set for $100 on Amazon, so we’ll see how that goes. The price was right. I’ve always been a big fan of Citadel and their pots, personally, but the price is just too high except for specifics. I will only use Citadel’s washes and their base paint set saves so much time. I also have on order the Corrosion and Rust effects along with some Genestealer purples, because I want to paint another Broodlord and I am unsure of the Army Painter purples, plus I abhor mixing if it can at all be avoided, and purple is just one of those finicky colors.

My wallet is going to go bye-bye again.


I mean I put as much Karen to clean my airbrush as I do as cleaning my regular brushes. As for washes, I’ve never had a problem with Hero Forge Minis. As the technology has progressed the lines have gotten smaller and smaller and less noticeable then after you add paint they’re hardly noticeable at all. But I plan to start painting Revony tonight so we’ll see how it goes.


I wanna see steps!


I will try to remember…Usually get so into it that I forget to take progress pics, but we’ll see!


Ready for the base coat.

Base coat is done

Blue done, and until I do the glow effect that’s it for the airbrush.

It’s all brush work from here.


Update with the first fireball base coat.

Tiamat for scale.


Well well you definitely are moving on this mini. I almost died when I saw the green putty…I always think Green Stuff first, lol! I see what you did to use that as a mask but dang that’s fiddly. Probably about the same time taken to paint it by hand I think! But to each their own. Whose paints are you using?


Knowing how fussy I am when it comes to painting, I think the airbrush made more sense for a base, even when using the putty for a mask.

Also, heads up. I just got another mini printed from a company called Impact Miniatures. You just make your mini in HF, pay $10 for the STL file and then upload that file to Impact and have them create it.

All told it cost me $24 for the Impact Mini (shipped) vs $35 for the HF mini (shipped). The impact minis don’t get cleaned before shipping so there are a few pieces of plastic to nip off, but otherwise I think the quality is better.