Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


I’ve been playing with Fat Dragon Games papercraft modular dungeons (it’s miniature painting adjacent):


I have all the FDG papercraft sets! I just haven’t built them all…

Is that the Xanathar?


That beholder is technically the " WizKids Dungeons & Dragons: Nolzur’s Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Beholder".

I painted it just for the fun; not based on any specific existing beholder in D&D lore.


Ahh the color scheme looks like the Xanathar. I haven’t gotten around to painting my beholder yet.


My wife has given me leave to spend monies on either the Architects of Destruction’s Rampage Dungeon Kickstarter, or a 3d printer & Fat Dragon Games DragonLock dungeon tiles. This would count as both my birthday and winter holiday gifts for the year.


Might I suggest

I saw them this past weekend at Grand-Con and their sets are pretty nice. They actually have more than is currently listed on the store and they sell on amazon and ebay. The just had a kickstarter funded if you want a better idea.

The other DM for our group and I are going to go in on a set or two each.


Also interesting. I like the ability to build up that other tile sets have. Additionally, having a 3d printer enables me to design and reprint minis from HeroForge.


Additionally, having a 3d printer

Uhhhh, what now? :grinning:


Wish someone would develop an Evolve board game for KS.


Finished some new minis. Enjoy.

Some nice furniture (crates, a work table, scales, parchment w/ quill and ink well, mortar and pestle, hourglass, candle, and tool kit)

Two of the player characters for the Doom 2016 tabletop game:

And finally, an owlbear.


I recognize that owlbear!

Nicely done. I need to get back to painting but I have so little free time and so many ways to spend it.


On vacation this week and spent about 5 hours on this. Really gonna regret it tomorrow…er…later today…


Only 5 hours!?!? O_o This looks really freakin’ good! I love it!


I wish I could see it in person because I know a lot is lost by camera. I can see the subtle blending of the orangish-red along the spine flowing into the more yellowy hues along the legs and flank. IT’s awesome!


I can try to do a video. I haven’t painted in a few months so it felt really good to get back into it m


A turnaround would be amaz-balls!


Alrighty, I can do that. I’ll get it uploaded later today.

Wish I had a turnstile…


@SledgePainter please ignore the dumbass dog barking in the background.


It’s so much more awesome this way! Sledge Approved! It’s a lot more vibrant here.


He needs some Proactiv, or Clearasil, or something to clear his skin up.

I dig it.