Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


Personally, I don’t do this, but you guys seem very good at this. Good job!


I’ve used HeroForge to create minis for the hunters of Evolve. I have not bought any of these minis, as I don’t have the funds for it. But now I’m at least tempted to buy them. Not sure if this is a good thing that I have done.


Oooh, can you share pictures?


Tier 1 -





Wow, those are on point!

@Takran - these would be great for your Evolve TTRPG!


Tier 2:

Bucket (one of the worst looking ones, I think)-




Tier 3-





Tier 4:



Slim (not a whole lot to work with for this one. Might need to rework)-


Bucket isn’t the greatest, but even if you didn’t label him, I would immediately recognize who it was supposed to be.

Dat Laz tho…


Last tier (I didn’t do alternates… yet):
Jack (turned out surprisingly well)-


Lennox (best I could get)-



They just released some more space options that might help with Slim. But damn, these are awesome!


It was due to the new space options that I went and did this. Biggest problem I have with Slim is no good face options.
I went with cat face and alien eyes.


I assumed you’d have to pass on Lennox, but that’s pretty good.

These all have very well define silhouettes and it’d be easy to tell them apart on a board.


Oh you just did these recently?!



Yesterday evening.



Heh. I wanted to play some Evolve, but everyone I once played with has ceased to play. And while I have no problem chatting on a forum, or talking with people in game, my introversion and anxiety aren’t currently letting me make new friends to play with.

So, I decided I’d just design a bunch of Evolve minis while playing Deanimate and SledgePainter vods on YouTube. It’s Evolve adjacent, and well withing my comfort zone.


I can totally understand that.


These are a great effort, well done!


Add me on steam if you havent already and we can jam sometime. Your minis are amazing and I’d love to have those!