Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)




Those are amazing!




I kicked into the Dungeons and Doggos project as soon as I saw it. Also… today I added more to my Reapers Bones 4 Kickstarter. Saw a dinosaur exhibit over the weekend, and decided I need the two dinosaur minis I didn’t add originally… maybe I have a problem…?


I think we all have a problem… :smiley:


Some HeroForge minis I just finished:



What are the character stats?


Those are actually just NPCs. One of my players wrote a sister and fiancee into her character’s backstory. The one of the left is the sister, and on the right the fiancee. They’re getting kidnapped. By stone giants. It’ll be a whole thing. But after they are rescued, the entire group will be in the wilderness, and there’s reason for those two characters to have classes and representation.

Pathfinder is what I run, so the left character is a swashbuckler. The one on the right is an alchemist. The character they are involved in the story of is a gunslinger, so I feel they both relate to a part of that character.


You made heroforge minis for npc’s?!?!


Yes. Important npcs, that may get used repeatedly. As I said a couple of posts ago: I may have a problem. =+]


I thought I had a problem. Until my Bones Kickstarter order is fulfilled, you dwarf me.


At least I’m about 1/3 of the way through Bones 1, 2 and 3. So I’ve got that going for me. Haven’t touched my Battletech minis in quite a while (been needing specific minis for Pathfinder). And my Star Trek ships are sadly only primed…


On top of that, I’ve not got Bones 4, Dungeons and Doggos, the Critical Role minis, and soon(?) the pre-order minis for Pillars of Eternity II on the way. So… yeah. Lotta minis.

And, if there were a way to get Evolve minis, I would be ALL over that.


Yes, yes, and yes! We’re in the same proverbial boat!


Gotta have the minis. Only grump I have about Bones 4 is that it will probably be too late for me to use the stone giants in my current game. But that’s how it goes.


I know, it feels like it’s been forever and I’m in shipping wave 14. :sob:


I figured these items bore sharing:
Khanjira/Tarrasque, colors inspired by Goliath:

Khanjira/Tarrasque painted as a gift for Matt Mercer:


Inspired by Goliath? Really?

That’s an amazing custom miniature…


Not custom. That’s a straight up Reaper Mini from Bones… 2? Paint job is inspired by Goliath. I was, perhaps, not specific enough.


Ahhhhh ok, well still a nice piece!