Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


Gonna try shading the grass, but otherwise I’m calling it done.


THat’s so well flocked!



And did some priming. It’s been a productive weekend!


Dude stop making me jealous with all these minis. Man I want some Tyranids now so dang bad…




You guys are so talented!


Test batch of dryads. Going to do some color testing on these guys and gals before moving forward with the rest.


Base coats down. Next up some washes before the detail work.

I’m gonna test spring, summer, and autumn colors on these guys. One light and one dark for each to see how it looks.


My son is huge into spiders right now…wondering if I should use that as an excuse to paint this Arachnarok Spider for him?

(not my image…I’d still have to buy this thing)

Also, since I’d be in the store anyway it would give me a secondary excuse to buy one Tyranid box…so I could paint one again. But I’d only want one model because if I buy any more I will over-indulge and I tore myself away from GW, hard, and I don’t want to fall back into the obsession. Was thinking of getting a Zoanthrope:

Just the right size to sit near my laptop.


All good ideas!


I’ve got a couple of Kickstarters with miniatures, hoping to find time to paint them. First up was trying to fix the bend some of them had…


Hot hot hot water bath. This will usually reset them to their original position. If not do the hot water bath, bend it how you want it and follow immediately with an ice bath.


Yeah, these have had 3 hot water baths followed by ice water bath after repositioning, but are keen to bend again anyway after a while. The other models in the set have done fine, just these being a pain!


Argh, I feel your pain. Good luck with them!


I used to heavily modify Tyranid warriors into all manner of poses. To get their stubborn tails to bend I used direct flame from a lighter. This could work but obviously it’s a very delicate thing and for extreme cases mostly. What you have shown looks like you’re going about it well.


Have come back to them this evening after a day out at family’s and now unsplinted they are keeping their form so I think we’ve cracked it! Also I’ve got some Korra minis from this kickstarter…

And will probably not get around to painting all of these for another several months at least! Maybe if I prime them all I’ll have enough nagging inside to get on and start actually painting them :stuck_out_tongue:


Priming does help with motivation!

Free time also helps…





I will check this out when I get home, my phone is being a gimp right now. Are they miniatures or artistically painted standees?