Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


Revony is finished!


I really like this mini and the light work, especially on the cobblestones since it ties it all in together. However, I feel this is one of those minis that is best seen in person since the camera has taken away highlighting work across the stark yellows and limited the contrasts, surely. Yellow is just one of those colors…hard to work with and hard to photograph. I love the back half of her as well.


Yeah I did my best to color correct the image. Maybe I’ll try a video or gif, but it is very Yellow, even in person.


Got the XL mini of the dragonborn in the mail today. HNNNNNNGH, it looks so good and is about a head and a half taller than my dragonborn paladin who was at the original max height.

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Hey Turtle Rock,

A zombie Tyrannosaurus in #B4B would not go amiss…


Also… Good Dogs all around!


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Moving on to bigger things!

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I see you got your Kickstarter doggos, nice…also digging that Dragonborn and the zombie T-Rex! Where is the Rex mini from?

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That’s from Gale Force 9 for the Tomb of Annihilation module.


Also, for anyone curious about the work Impact! Miniatures does and why their quality is superior to Hero Forge I reached out to them. This was their response:

The answer to how I do better quality than Hero Forge is that I hand set up all the model supports which means I can change size and placement to make sure that every support is placed in a way to not destroy any details on the model. The Hero Forge method is all done 100% by computer and the computer just put in support to make it happen with the faster print speed / lowest cost possible. So the difference is just a human touch to your model. It also means it takes me 15 minutes to set up each model for printing instead of the 30 seconds the computer does it in.

So when you print your STL from Impact! they are setting it up for detail over cost and still manage to beat the HF price.

Give them a shot if you’re looking for HQ minis. I’d highly recommend it. At least until I get my own 3D Printer. :wink:

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I will keep that in mind! I recently worked out some pieces with supports and I haven’t yet been able to figure out how to place/remove/alter the supports in a way I prefer and I totally know exactly what the Impact! guy means. That literally can make all the difference to a detailed model.

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Set up a light box to not take shitty pics!

Here’s a couple. Still have some kinks to work out.


Man that really ties the piece together and love that necrotic flesh.

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Thanks! I think I want to mix some Nurgle’s Rot with Blood for the Blood God to create a bloody pus to have dripping out of the wounds.

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Oh please do!


Zombie Tyrannosaurus is done!


The glow on the eyes is just phenomenal. Also, the glossy bits, slime drool, and oozing eye are just icing on the already grossly disturbing zombie rex cake.


Sounds like you have a thing for extinct zombies…, :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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It looks great! How did you do the saliva?