Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


These look awesome!

What did your printer run you?


The Creality Ender 3 runs around the $230 mark on Amazon. I have also upgraded several parts of it since, for around $70. My print bed is a little warped and needs to be replaced, but where it is warped doesn’t typically hurt the printing of dungeon tiles. 8t shows a lot more on that dice tower.


$300?! That’s it?! I need to get one…


I am always in a constant state of testing my printer. I’ve printed a ton of little things already. I need to paint them to actually count for being in this thread.

Anyway, prepare for an image dump. I’m really proud of these. My husband had been using a CnC router to turn my frog checker artwork into actual pieces, with mixed results:

BUT then we had the idea to see what he could do using his CAD software with the original 2D artwork. He came up with a really decent STL file and we 3D printed an entire set in red and green.

The pieces will require a little cleaning as per the usual but, they look good for a first try! I may put the file on Thingiverse.

I found people who design various miniatures for gaming and this is a “dirtle” with a “clodster” wizard riding on it. Honestly, in real life all of these things look better in person…these photos make the layering look glaring because the images are super huge, but it’s not that bad, really. Also, all of these photos in this dump have 3D prints set to the best quality I can.

This was another clodster from his clodster army. It looks like a cute little dirt dude that is questioning his existence in the universe. I plan to paint this like dirt and add on some grasses on his head. (I am not so good basing grass so we’ll see how that goes.) The original size is the smaller one, and I liked it so much I had to vastly enlarge it to 2 inches tall. The designer is the creator of the 3D mini printed strategy game Pocket Tactics (by Dutchmogul), which I am working on printing currently.

The same guy also made this “robot tofu dog” which I had to print because why not.

Also had to print this because DeLorean! But it is from a different designer. I find that different designers really do make a difference with file quality and final prints.

This rose took around 14 hours and my husband made it for me on V-Day.

This is a small dream come true…kinda. Years ago I had wanted to make Sunny’s cupcake into a keychain for forumites. I found this file and its the closest I’ve seen to being Sunny’s (the Evolve) cupcake.

And my joy right now is this toy, called a Rukibot (pronounced like rucksack). It prints in multiple parts and requires assembly. When I saw it I instantly thought SUNNT ROBOT! It was a bit of a hardship getting it to snap together but the arms, waist, hands, & head move so its decently pose-able.

Rukibot is also a FREE file from I wanted to make this to see if I should buy the Boom T-Rex they offer. Rukibot comes with a bunch of accessories. I really want to get yellow filament to make it again but I do plan to paint it.


I looked up that T-Rex, ADORABLE!


I wish I had never asked…I spent the last few hours looking at 3D printers on Amazon.

I had no idea the cost had come down so far…going to need to convince my wife though…and find a place to put it.

Damn though…I could make all the D&D Minis…literally ALL of them. O_o


The cool thing about the rex is that it has a lot of large, non-detailed surfaces which would be easy enough to sand down to perfect smoothness, then paint. I’ll keep you posted because I do think I will buy that and/or the Kaiju models they also make.

Once you get yourself a printer you will probably not stop printing for a long while! Word of warning! I’m actually considering buying another model myself just to have two running stuff at once. And they won’t just make toys for you but your wife will probably find things she could make too. It’s fun! It’s like a present-making machine. Set it up at night and in the morning you have a gift!

Also…go on Thingiverse and look up those D&D dice boxes (or really anything involved in D&D)…oh man, you will HAVE to buy a printer.


Bought Boon, the Tiny T-Rex. Starts printing only the feets. Printer says ETA 6 hours.


I finished printing Boon with minimal issues. It all went smoothly save for the head top piece where you have to lift the piece to fit the eyes in. I was able to work that out and overall it’s a really awesome piece…but assembly is beastly. It uses the same tiny connector pins as Rukibot and they are wicked hard to get forced into the slots. My body is physically shaking while I try to force the pins in the holes. And the plastic takes on warpage with this kind of force, and I’ve broken some pins. I quit because I hurt my hand. Maybe I’m just a weakling. I’ll try again later or tomorrow. I only got it partially assembled but my hands can’t take any more, and I was using pliers too.


@SledgePainter @figure_04 if I upload one of the new XL minis that heroforge sells would you want to give it a shot in your printers?


I’ll give it a shot. I’m always up for seeing how far I can take this printer.
Also, what are these XL minis? I don’t think I saw them on the HeroForge site? That reminds me, I really need to order my own mini from them.


They go up to Large size (in terms of 28mm scale).


@figure_04 @SledgePainter



Lemme know how it goes!

I have a black dragonborn Rogue I wanna print too.

I can’t help but to keep inventing new characters.


This one is your machine, yes?

He shows a few HeroForge minis and they look like they printed real nice on this machine! He does mention about bed warpage/non-level beds as an issue but for the price and some working out of issues, those prints look amazing.


Yeah, that’s the one. I got the recommendation from Tom Tullis, of Fat Dragon Games. I’ve also watched some of 3d Tabletops content about it. My bed has only minor warping, so I can live with it for printing Fat Dragon Games DragonLock tiles, and Devon Jone’s OpenForge.

Printing out 2inx2in tiles w/ walls right now. Print has been going for 20 hours. Probably have another 15 to go.


Sorry guys, accidentally uploaded the stl to my work drive.

This one should work.


Yay, I finally got to paint another miniature. :smiley:


I wondered where you disappeared to!

He looks great!


He really does. I love the diseased coloration of the greens and how it gets a shade lighter around the exposed belly. Need to gloss up those open wounds but it’s perfect!