Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


That’s actually a yellow glaze meant to show the OSL from the fireball. I have found a few ideas to combat this.

What I did here was start with solid bases instead of blocking out the highlights and shadows within those base colors first. The effect I am going for is this

So, going to start over and push that effect at each stage.


I don’t think you need to Simple Green it though…just break out your airbrush a little and treat this all as a base.


It has quite a few layers of paint already, and I am concerned with losing that detail.


Other angles of the minis I posted last; latest arrivals; moar 3-D printing!
Last set close-ups:

Today’s arrivals (newest adventuring party):

One of my 2 major 3-D print projects:

Lotta images. Hope you enjoyed.


I love it all!!!


Amazing, all! I think the gold piles need a wash but otherwise nice. Those man eating plants are really cool. Also, a question…did you try to print the STL files from HeroForge on your machine? That devil’s head building is really big but printed very well. How big is your Ender bed?


Stripped, primed, and started painting Revony again. Much happier this time and I got some new brushes that should really help pick out the details.


Did you use Simple Green for the strip? Also, the contrast is better.


I haven’t tried printing any HeroForge minis on my own printer. I’ve read what others have had to do to get them to work, and I don’t want to deal with all of that yet (and the quality isn’t as good as ordering anyhow). My primary interest in the Ender is for terrain. The bed size is set to 220 mm x 220 mm.

The devil head is a multipart print for a dice tower. It will be 5 prints to complete the project; 1 & 2 are done, 3 is printing now (and is the print in progress).


Yep, soaked it and scrubbed it a few times.

Also I blocked out the tones first then worked to wet blend them. Need to work on the skin next.


I have a heroforge stl file that I bought, let me know if you ever want to try it out.


I wouldn’t mind giving that a shot on my machine. I imagine I’ll be needing some supports and maybe change the layer size. Really all I can do with my machine. I can’t tinker with it too much like the other machines (personally don’t want to either lol, seeing what all the other peeps have to do to achieve certain results).


There you go!


Thank you for the file…I wanted to set it up last night but was running another job I had to do (peeps at my husband’s work want really boring parts printed for stuff - lol). Anyway, I adjusted the layer height to the smallest it can go, set quality to the highest, and added supports even though they make me cringe really hard. I made the supports the weakest they can go so I hope they will break away (so far I have found supports painfully difficult to remove), and I’m running it now.
ETA: 1 hour, 36 min.

(Happy to see it’s your Plague Doctor)


Welp, 2 hours and 11 minutes in…with another 56 minutes left. Make up your mind machine!

Edit: Just finished printing, but in the middle of playing Evolve, will get to getting it off the printing bed soon.


Well, here are the results.
Had an easy time removing it from the bed (not always easy!), and these are the images with the supports still intact.

And here it is again with most of the supports removed. What I removed I could with my fingers, so that was good…further removal requires an xacto blade and more tedious, gentle work. I am certain that HeroForge uses supports as well but their people do the labor of removal; and their printers are, definitely, higher end, which you can tell the most by looking at the cloak of the mini and comparing it to your Revony mini’s skirt. This is, from what I can tell, the best my printer can do with regards to miniatures.

I would consider it “standard” board game quality, but not “miniature board game quality.”

Your image from earlier in the thread…(this was printed by…who again? HeroForge file but a different printer?)


I never really considered all the work that HeroForge does to get mini’s ready to ship. I have to keep that in mind next time I have to wait 2 weeks for shipping.

Maybe that rogue got webbed or slimed?!


It’s just the filament and how it works between objects…like the hand and shoulder…bit of a fine hairline bit of filament. Once I fully clean this all I’ll post more photos. There’s still a lot to clean up on it.


Missed this post, that company was Impact Miniatures.


Latest batch; a lot o’ elementals.

Water elementals, went for a lake water and ocean water colors.

Fire elementals; typical red/orange, and GREEN FLAME for Acquisitions Inc love

Earth elementals; decided on amethyst and quartz for the gemstone parts

Air elementals; not much variety on these

Dice tower is nearly done. Tray is stopped on the printer due to running out of filament. Badly timed my refill.