Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


Primes like a dream!




Hopefully tomorrow night! Gonna add some paint to Revony, then I have a secret side project I’m working on.

This plague doctor hopefully won’t be needed for a while so he’ll remain grayscale for a while.


I broke down and bought stuff from GW…NNAAOOW!

Finally, I have my hands on a Tyranid Zoanthrope. I had to buy a full box of 3 figures; but luckily, GW models always sell real nice on Ebay, so I made up for the other two models I don’t need. The primer works very well on the models although there are some “bubbles” when painting the primer on. It’s not too terribly noticeable and I don’t mind it.

Also, bought certain models from Deathwatch Overkill, a Warhammer board game from a few years back…a spiky, brainy, Broodlord and a couple Genestealer Cult familiar little things (man they are tiny! I gotta say GW plastics are amazing in how much detail they can put into the smallest of things-they are only the size of my fingernail!). Thought they were cute, so added them to the base to make the Broodlord look bigger and more imposing.


I really like GW sculpts, even though for all the detail they are ridiculously overpriced.

Can’t wait to see what you do with them!


So I decided to convert my Alduin statue into Bahamut so that I can have some parity with my Tiamat piece. Only priming and zenithal highlight done so far.


Looks sexy already!



This is going to be a two part test. First, to see if I have improved since Tiamat. Second, to see what I can do with bargain craft paints. :crossed_fingers:


Yo! Been away from this thread a while. Painting was on hold. Here’s my latest:


Did you make the ring fort?


Yes. 3d printed using the OpenForge system.


Niiiiiiice! I like that!


Someone else had an Alita book they borrowed to me…going to be interesting reading from back to front like that.

Need moar photo of each model…don’t tease with just a group shot! They look amazing from here but will be better singly focused…the model on the far left especially.

I’ll have to check out Open Forge. That probably took forever to print. Did you make the walls hollow or what was the infill amount would you say? Looks like an amazing gladitorial arena and I’d like to know more about that game it’s planned for.

I also found a game on Thingiverse called Pocket Tactics I’m printing stuff on now. I’m amazed at how small I can print things, and the detail level. It’s like a whole new world of gaming opens up since so many models can be had through on-line websites.


Alita is my favorite manga. I’ve been enjoying it since '98 or '99.

I can get more photos, I have them on my phone, but only uploaded those few.

The infill is at 5%. They took a while to print, and I’m now working on the pieces to fill the interior. That circular room is a central feature of a large dungeon from Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords. There’s a smaller open circle that will be in the middle, and it descends into a pit lined with book shelves.

I don’t remember the print time; I think I printed as many walls as I could fit on the print bed in one go, then printed the bases as many at a time I could, then the stone tiles; each tile is made of 3 to 4 parts held together with Gorilla Glue’s super glue.

I believe I have four filed ready for my Ender 3 to print of the rest of the interior pieces, ea. printing between 10 - 16 hours. All printed with eSun PLA+. I’ll be starting the first file in that set when I get home tonight.


Found a Wizkids Nightmare mini, it’s always been a favorite monster of mine, but the original paint was :face_vomiting:

So I fixeded it!



Omfg I just realized there’s a spot on the hoof that chipped off. :scream: :flushed:


A fun channel!


Scott is awesome, I highly recommend watching him.


Here’s where I’ve stopped with Revony. Not happy with the how it’s turning out, so after D&D tonight I’m going to let her soak overnight in Simple Green and start over. I’ve got a better idea of what I want to do now, hopefully it works!


I have to disagree!? I’m unsure where you think you’ve gone wrong here…all I see is a real nice base coating with your light sources already factored in and ready to be expounded upon. Yellow and purple were excellent choices for this. The only thing I dislike, really, is the front of her skirt with the greens. Honest, it just looks like you’ve finished the basing and can begin the fun work now.