Miniature painting and you 🎨 (Share info and pics!)


This is mostly for @Takran but maybe others will be interested as well!

#1 - Thin your paints!

This is critical when it comes to your minis or models having a nice smooth look.

Paint Brush - You want your paint to be no thicker than “melted ice cream”. You can go thinner, it just may require more coats. Play around with different viscosity to see what works best for you. Usually a little dollop of paint and a little water is all you need (tap is fine). See this video.

Airbush - You want your paint to have a milk-like consistency. If its too thick it will clog your brush then you’ll have to spend time cleaning it all out. I would suggest airbrush thinner over water because water will change the properties of your paint and can lead to adverse side affects. If you decide to go with water, use distilled so you aren’t shooting minerals and what not through your brush. See videos at the bottom.

#2 - "You’ll want to apply 2 thin coats."

If you watch any of the Warhammer TV tips/tutorials in the play list I put together you are going to hear this a million times. This mostly applies to paint brushes, but can apply to airbushing as well. It’s 10000000% worth taking the time to do two thin coats versus one thick coat. Always.

#3 - Quality paints (you get what you pay for)

Speaking of paint…I won’t advocate one brand over another, it is all personal preference. Try out different brands (Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter, Testor, etc) just avoid bargain paints like Apple Barrel. You can use something like Apple Barrel acrylics, but you’ll have a harder time with it. I know the adage says “the artist makes the paint work for them” and that’s probably possible, but I prefer to keep things easy.

#4 - Brushes (get what you like, but take care of them)

For our purposes there are two types of brushes. Sable (natural) and Taklon (synthetic). There are pros and cons to both of them, the best way to find out is to test them out. You’ll want a few different types Taking care of your brushes is crucial or else you’ll be replacing them often. See these videos for more info.

#5 - The Wet Palette

I’m not sure what your house is like or what kind of weather you typically have, but where I live its dry af and any paint I leave on a palette is usually dry within a minute or two and thus wasted. In cases like this, a wet palette is a LIFE SAVER. You can buy a Masterson’s (look on amazon) wet palette or just make your own as seen here!

#6 - Have fun

Sounds stupid, but this can be a pretty fun and rewarding hobby so make sure you have fun while doing it.

Other helpful videos that I watch and re-watch!

Choosing an airbrush -

Airbrushing for Beginners -

Getting Started -

Games Workshop Painting Tutorials -

Games Workshop Tip of the Day -


I do minature painting everyday

in front of my mirror.


Zing! :drum: Tish!


This is good for my wife. Shes been wanting to do miniatures for a long while and recently shes been on this painting rocks and leaving them around town with photos for people to find so shes rekindled her love of painting again.


I did watch almost all of those viddys.
MP is fun to watch.


Best of luck to her! It’s super fun!


I will say one thing, if you plan to get into the hobby make sure you’re in for the long haul.

I mean, unless you have disposable income.

It’s not worth the buy in for just a few miniatures, for that it’d be better to commission someone else to do it for you.


We’ve got hundreds. I’ve been doing GMing for over a decade and we have a large… collection of usable minis :slight_smile:


That was more of a general statement than directed towards your beloved.

But of she does start, make sure you share pics!


For sure :slight_smile:


Holy geez you went at like 1000% on this!!! Thank you so much for gathering so much! I can’t wait to start practicing.


I HIGHLY suggest this set:

I hate thinning paints down…it’s an art form in itself to create good washes that don’t crack while drying and will pool correctly into the details without making the figure look muddy. I’ve always said you don’t need expensive paints to create great art…but when it comes to washes, you should buy the best. I have used Citadel’s washes for years and will not stray. Well worth every penny. I even used these when painting the Golden Goliath.


Vallejo and Privateer Press also make excellent washes and inks, but they all behave differently. I find citadel run more than vallejo but it all depends on what effect you’re going for.


Holy crap, I totally forgot to add this but, sometimes you can’t find the color you need from one manufacturer, this sheet helps you find a matching color from another brand.

Use the formula tab!


A friend just gave me this.

It’s for thinning paints. I haven’t used it myself just yet, but I’ve heard it’s much better than water. Not sure if it is useful for custom washes though, but I’m excited to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:
… Also, hopefully, with this I’ll be able to make some decent blending layers now! :smiley: :sunny:

@TheMountainThatRoars Is this just for painting advice, or can we share progress pictures here as well?


Progress pics please!!!

Also, not sure if mixing medium is the same as thinning medium. One way to find out!


Although I’ve come quite far with them, these are the models I’m currently working on.

I still haven’t added a lot of bits to the Trygon, such as all the lower and upper torso spikes. It’s also missing its mandibles, which I’m considering magnetizing just so it’s easier for people to tell when I’m fielding a Trygon or a Trygon Prime. The tail bit also needs to be repainted. :paintbrush:

The Carnifex here is still far from done. :open_mouth: Because I magnetized it I still need to paint 13 arms, (which includes the 3 unfinished arms in the picture), 4 heads and 3 tail weapons. Also, its carapace could use some more work.


Those are beautiful!!

Do you have any tips for magnetizing?


I haven’t done much, but I fell into this though Imperial Assault. The game looks so much cooler when the figures are painted.

There is a guy on Youtube that does really good tutorials.


Just cuz it kinda applies to coloring and star wars :stuck_out_tongue: