Mini Review of Patch 5.0/Hunt 2.0/New Trapper Jack

Ok first of all this isn’t a in-depth review, just my initial review based on the completion of the first 10 placement games that i’ve had thus far in Hunt 2.0.


The new Skill Based Matchmaking is great,i love the fact that a win is now rewarded by moving you further up in your respected division (assuming you've completed the initial 10 placement games),this adds a lot of replay value and satisfaction to the game (well for me personally it does)

Moving on to Jack, of the limited time i've had with him (as every Tom,Dick and harry want this forlorn hunter on their hunter loadout) he seems fairly balanced, now that's with no upgrades on his Arsenal so maybe when there all maxed out he might need re-evaluating further,but as it is he seems fine.

On to the little stuff often overlooked,i really like the pre-game Graphics section showing you the Monster player followed by the Hunters,makes it feel more awesome like your ready for an epic duel (gets me all pumped up)


Guess everyone has experienced the first thing i'm going to mention, now albeit it wasn't a problem for too long it has to be mentioned the T4 and new hunters/monster/skins being locked, forcing people to run to the forums to vent their frustrations at TRS again!! luckily it was fixed fairly sharpish ( server side problem is all i've heard it was)

Now to a more repeating offender,i was entering an Arena game for it to all of sudden to freeze up on me,now i thought the freezing had been fixed obviously not, but luckily it was a 1off.Another repeating offender i did see in Hunt 2.0 is after a hunter had been put into last stand, their body fell through the map again so clearly this problem hasn't left us yet.

Now one of the biggest gripes so far that i hear a lot and i've witnessed for myself, the painfully slow matchmaking times,i've had to quit the game application a few times because well i don't like waiting 20mins trying to find someone.Now moving on slightly, another issue is finding hunters that don't quit because they want to be solely Jack "surprise surprise" i've had instances whereby there's been 3 hunters ready and the 4th hunter always quits because it's not his chosen hunter,"Newsflash" you can't always play with your favourite hunter unless you go solo custom so just stick it out like i've done and many others have and play a game or 2 with another hunter so we as hunters don't have to wait around for 20min+ cherry pickers. 


I think overall this is a job well done by the TRS team,it just needs a few bugs ironing out and improvements to the speed of which you find players.

So there you have it my initial review of Patch 5.0/hunt 2.0/New hunter Jack


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