Mini Evolve Sprites (Mostly Daisy)

I approve.

I don’t remember ever seeing this and I’m so happy right now.

They’re all so beautiful! The daisies and bucket turrets are my fav :heart:!

pew pew


Created a few emotes out of the Daisys!



Seems like my reply was worthy at the end.

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:nighthunter_daisy: :maneater_daisy: :daisy_normal: :victory_daisy:

Daisy parade!



I did my own sprite of Bucket but as a Terraria character this time.
I’m not an expert in pixelart, but this one isn’t that bad for a first try.

And here’s the comparison


I haven’t tried Terraria…could you explain it to me? I am familiar with Minecraft, but wasn’t sure of the direction of this game and saw a bunch of kids playing it. Can you make sprites for it like your own character model?

Edit: The Bucket is adorable BTW.

Terraria is a sandbox 2D game in wich you can dig, build, fight, explore, etc…
It looks like this in fact:

And there’s a ton of bosses.

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Should I buy this for my New 3DS? Is it an open world? Can I do anything?

If Minecraft takes as many hours as you feel like pouring into it to build say, a mansion, could I spend as much time as I wished in Terraria? Also, is it multiplayer if I got it for the PC?

Edit: I need to stop asking questions and go watch some review videos, I know.

It has multiplayer on every platform (if I’m not wrong), the world has its limits but the size of it can be chosen (the sea is the only limit), you can play many roles in it (brawler, tanker, archer, rifleman, wizard, summoner, etc…) and the more you progress in the game, the more your world can change aspect (corruption spreading, new ores spawning, more bosses, events, unreachable areas that open themself, etc…), there’s NPCs that can sell stuff and there’s a ton of accesories to discover. There’s also plenty of biomes.
I have the game in question, and if you buy it I can play with you with a new character instead of my end-game character.

There’s also a wiki if you are curious enough.

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This is my own house, and it’s as old as my in-game total time (which is 572 hours).


is one save = one world…can you have multiple worlds? I ask because on the 3DS my son will play…hopefully his own world, but I may want a world on it too.

You can create multiple worlds and play in them with the same character.
But I recommend you the PC version because the PC version is the only platform with the most biggest amount of content.
A character is always separately done from a world, so you can visit a freshly made world with an old character.