Mini Evolve Sprites (Mostly Daisy)

Have you tried to make a sprite of Bob?

Not yet! Before Gorgon I tried to do Kraken and didn’t sit down with enough patience to stick with it. I’d love to try Behemoth next. :smiley:

Edit: @Sentry_Gun Turret army engaged!


Omg!! I missed your tag since I had tons of notifications! But holy crap, this is just… amazing, I look so beautiful! :heart_eyes:


What?! Why didn’t you go with the Night hunter one?

PLEASE make a Goliath :goliath_roar::goliath_roar::goliath_roar:

I like the Victory skin more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair enough

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pokes head into main forums

Wow these are some really good sprites. O.O


retreats back under the bridge


I haven’t seen you in a while

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I’m mostly in pm’s nowadays. I lurk every now and then but I am normally just not around the main forums that much.

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I could understand that but I have no life so I’m glued to the forums HAHA :cold_sweat:

Lol, well, I was the same but I just use the forums now to chat with my friends that I found here.

<I also found the constant balance arguments and stuff here that essentially go in endless circles doing nothing, to be entirely pointless and rage inducing.

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Hello again, have you made other sprites? Just for knowing.

Sorry this is so late! I’ve had a lot going on so I haven’t been able to do much here. I still had a lot of sprites I want to do, and when I stopped I had Behemoth and Mammoth Bird sprites in-progress. I’ll try to get back to them soon.

Thanks for the interest. <3


Hey, it’s been five months since this thread haven’t got any reply (and sprites).

Would a PM be better than reviving this thread?

I agree. This thread is quite old @Dovahkick I suggest taking this to PM.

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It’s here now boi.


I should try to mack a bucket sentry in Maya.

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