Mines aren't working 75% of the time I use them on the Wraith


If I’m throwing mines down on the Wraith while he’s attacking me, they just blow up on him and he’s unaffected. I don’t know if it’s because they need they’re 3 second priming time or what. I’m guessing this is a glitch and it’s costing me games. Turtle Rock’s incompetance is costing me games


Well if he is right on top of you I would say they are not having enough time to arm.


@xxBAscoobyxx is right mate, you’re not letting the mines get their precious arm time.

Ya can’t just expect to spam mines while a monster’s on you and expect to kill it. That would require 0 skill and would be unfair for the monster player. Besides, shouldn’t you be using your lightning gun when the Monstar’s trying to kill you? :stuck_out_tongue:


You do realize wraith has a decoy that can set off your mines without taking damage? Seriously, talk about incompetence.

And please think with your head before you throw accusations at TRS. If I were them I’ll just ban u from playing Evolve. Fortunately, I’m not.


Lol you can’t just throw a mine at the monster


You may not be aware, using warp blast, abduction or warps to move through mines disarms them without dealing damage to the wraith. However if wraith ends one of the before mentioned skills on a mine, then he still takes the damage.


Yup mines are too easily countered by the Wraith.