Minecraft Battlemode (PVP) consoles / possible mods for console


so in short its going to be like a hunger games of Minecraft but on a smaller map

it will support up to 8 players match
and shortly after it release map packs will be available to buy for 2.99
it can be play with 4 players locally


jeb has said they are experimenting with mods so maybe but battlemode is essentially a mod in itself.
mods might not happen though


Consoles Only?!

Why no PC?


because pc already has pvp in a million more ways then console


watch this I guess


Personally I couldn’t care less about the Battle mode as it is really just your every day PvP which I hate in Minecraft. Though mods would be cool and it is something that 4J has talked about in the past. They were a one time talking about creating their own versions of popular mods and turning them into DLC but we never saw that. Now that we have mods on console for Fallout 4 I think we could be that much closer to seeing something for Minecraft. I wouldn’t expect to see some of the large mod packs like FTB as those can be taxing even on a high spec PC but I don’t see why consoles couldn’t get a similar set up as what Bethesda has done for Fallout and use some sort of size limit.


if any mods are made I would say weapon and armor mods handsdown