Mine and Your DLC Predictions


How many Hunters and Monster will you think will be in the game when they stop adding them?

5 Monsters
16 Hunters
Plenty of Skins


Pesimist spotted! Call in the Fun Police!

Inb4 ‘I don’t think that means what you think it means.’


Impossible to tell. I’d like to think there could be something like 10 Monsters once all DLC stops, but who even knows? They’ve said they’ll keep on supporting the game for as long as it makes sense to do so, so hopefully that’ll mean we can have lots of news Monsters/Hunters over the coming years :slight_smile:


Like I said in a previous post, I plan on getting at least a good decade out of this shindig :thumbsup: So at least however many they can make in that period :slight_smile:


yea I want a lot of monsters to but idk they take a long time to make them


I see evolve really going places - I hope support continues for years to come. At this point it is impossible to tell how long new content will happen, but I know this: every bit will be legendary!


I hope that they at least double the launch numbers at some point, but it’s up to how they want to do things…


I just hope TRS will take care of the game for years and not create Evolve 2.

Evolve have so big potential to be one of the best games ever. If they will create Evolve 2, they will destroy everything they created and also huge community of players.

Take care of this game for 5 years and you will see Evolve in TOP 3 games certainly.


So hard to say with today’s gaming client… Will it get DLC for years or will they go the full route of an Evolve 2? Hard to say.


Evolve 2 will be huge mistake imo. That’s my view…


Brah Evolve the original isn’t even out yet lol. Like what?


I’m wondering if they’ll be focusing more on Monsters, Hunters, or create them in sets equally. For instance, with the 4th DLC will we wait for another set of Hunters (1 of each class) to come out before the next Monster.


No, really?

I know I only note the facts. Nothing more :wink:


I just don’t understand what would make you think already that it would be a mistake lol. What could you possibly be basing that off of? Surely not the hundreds of successful sequels in the past lol.