Miley the Gorgon?


Has this been accepted? Miley? I thought it was Georgia but when did Miley come in?

Miley? gorgon?

It hasn’t :stuck_out_tongue: Just that @Azmi_Anuar started calling her that and I call her that.


Nickname used by @Azmi_Anuar I believe, true name is Gorgon



But…it needs to start with G!


Yes people are starting to call her Miley.


…but the G!



I’ll never accept that, and I’ll think less of anyone that does.
Plus, I’ll derail any thread because GORGON deserves more than frickin MILEY

Besides… Gene Simmons has a better tongue than Miley Cyrus


I’ll never call it miley, ever, ever, ever . Never accepting it … Nope nope nope nope


@aboatman @Lord_Pharaoh YES, some people have a bit of sense


I will lure you into the Miley side, eventually.



There is no agreed upon nickname, I feel like it has to happen organically. Engineering a nickname…it’s just wrong. It’s like if you make your own nickname, you’re ridiculous.


Guess we got to wait until shes released


Everyone knows Gorgon’s name is Ted…


You came in like a wrecking ball. :laughing:

Sorry couldn’t resist.
Seriously though I have never and will never call her miley. I just call the monsters by their actual names so people who aren’t on the forum know what I’m talking about. :smile:
I’m pretty boring in that sense.


@aboatman @Hillbilly_Deathlord @Lord_Pharaoh @BEAF



Precisely, Behemoth wasn’t Bob until he was released I think, and before that he was Rocky.


I prefer Ted, but thats not feminine




Gorgon won’t care :wink: