Miley/Gorgon : Hunter Conversation Ideas MEGA THREAD


:abe: sees :gorgon: : My anaconda don’t want none of that bun hun.



:hyde: The only thing uglier than you Sweet Miley (Mooi-leih…) is me dear old mum.

:caira_diaz: : Once upon a time there was a monster so ugly, that everybody died.


:lennox:: You are big Gorgon, but I am also big.


:caira_diaz: It’s a giant spider? Why did it have to be a spider?!?!?!?!

:hyde: Look at the size of those freaky stilts.

:sunny_face: Woah? A giant spider? How awesome!

:hank: Did that thing just shoot something from it’s butt?

:emetoh: Don’t play with those tiny spiders! They might hurt-der-der-der :emetangry: DODGE THE LITTLE BUG!!! :emet: Der- A spider is not a bug, It’s an arachnid. :emetangry: Der- WELL I DON’T GIVE A SHIT.


Got two for Jack:
“Oh crap oh crap oh crap! Giant spider!”
“The Jackal fears nothing… except spiders.”


:abe: shoulder bumbps :caira_diaz: : Why yes, yes it did.
:caira_diaz: disgusted replies : I don’t know what’s worse the fact that we’re basically hunting down Miley Cyrus times two or the fact that I’m stuck with a poor man’s Han Solo.


Reads “Miley” Automatically thinks of Azmi


:emetoh:: Uh oh! It’s shooting acid! :emetangry:: I DON’T GIVE A F*** RUN THROUGH IT!!!




:val:: Gorgon sighted! And while you guys fight it, I’ll enjoy being back here, NOT coated in spider vomit.
:hank:: Man, if Goliath is “big ugly”, what’s that make you!?
:maggie:: I am so glad these things weren’t on Factor!
:markov:: Yes, hide in your web, beast! Markov will be ready for you!

:lazarus:: I am NOT revivify you if that THING touches you. That is disgusting!
:bucket:: Firing on a… Good heavens, what IS that!?
:griffin_2:: insert text here
:hyde2:: Blimey, reminds me of a spida’ I had when I was a wee lad.

:caira_diaz:: Well, there goes MY ability to sleep.
:cabot:: Amping the Gorgon! Or… Maybe one of the grubs on it? I don’t know, just shoot!
:abe:: Oh my God spider ew no I’m done get me off of this planet right now Cabot I swear to God!
:db_stealth_kappa:: Gorgon sighted, team. Let’s squash this bug!

:slim:: GRANDMA!?
:sunny_face:: Gorgon here! On the bright side… Yeah, there’s no bright side. That shit’s nasty.
:crow:: I see it! Probably tastes like shit.
:torvald:: I will eviscerate your young, beast! I shall break your bones and rip through your webs!

:emet:: Oh look! A spider! I hope it is not venomoususususus0usss-
:kala:: I don’t have a sample of this one yet! And… Uh… I don’t think I want to.
:jack_mask:: The Jackal fears nothing! Oh, wait, is that a giant spider? With LITTLE SPIDERS? Aha, no, I’m out.
:lennox_suit:: I should’ve equipped this suit with some bug spray!

I couldn’t think of one for Griffin


the fuck!?!


There’s no Parnell emote, so I grabbed the funniest one.


:griffin_2:: Don’t think I want this on my wall!