Mild Monster unresponsiveness


Am i the only one to experience this ? When i play Meteor Goliath and Elder Kraken sometimes they don t respond to my keys, and most of the time it s the 3 and 4, for them to be used i literally wait a second before i get to do my move, and it s really frustrating because in a dome i need to make split seconds decision, having some unresponsiveness just throw off my flow and it s infuriating


We are investigating this!


Same with Goliath and Kraken.

At first I tought my keyboard and mouse are broken but nope


i don t feel it with Goliath trust me on that ^^ im sure Goliath is fine, no idea for Kraken


I felt it pretty hard as Kelder versus some friends of mine. Couldn’t chain abilities as I used too.
I thought of a spell delay devs didn’t talk about…?


aaah so i m not the only one thank god, i thought i was crazy


Huh, so I’m not the only one. I always have trouble comboing banshee missile and death sprial, since they wouldn’t react