Migrated US Game to German Game - Challenge and Hunters Quest Skins are missing


Hello Forum People, I need your Help.

Yesterday I bought Evolve from the German PSN Store. I used the shared Version from my American Friend before that.

I bought it because I wanted the Hunting Season Pass. Which doesn’t work shared as you might know.

So I bought the Hunting Season Pass off the German Store just to see that my Game didn’t recognize it. I tried a lot of ways to fix it but that’s not the Point of this Request.

Then I bought the German Evolve Version off the same Store (I found out that they don’t work shared).

Now the Season Pass works. I dropped more Money into it than I thought I would but I love this Game and I want to support TRS. That’s all working fine.

Now comes the Problem:

All my Accolades (not THAT bad, Skins are more important), Challenge Skins (Goliath Vodoo, Bucket Predator, Wraith Vodoo, Parnell Predator etc.) and my Hunters Quest Skin (Val) are missing.

I already unlinked and linked my2k with no Effect. I restarted the Game several Times, to no Effect too.

I should mention that I forgot to unlink my2k in the American Evolve Version from my Friend…, I don’t know if that’s the Problem.

I’m feeling very let down right now, as if all was wasted Time.

I’m not complaining, I’m hoping someone can Help. :sob:

Thanks for your Time,



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I’m not sure if a My2k account can be linked to more than one game.

I do know that some people had to unlink then relink theirs several times before it worked.


Thanks for your reply.

I deleted the American Version without unlinking which means I’ll probably have to reinstall it to then unlink it? You think that could work?

It seems that there’s no way to unlink it via my2k directly.

Did the link/unlink work for them in this special case or in General?

Who can I go to with this case (Mentioned People, Support etc.)?



Hmmm if you deleted it, then I am not sure you need to unlink it. For people who had the missing skin issue before, it was a general case nothing like this. However, I do wonder if having the American version first messed something up. I would submit a ticket to 2K support: support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Ok, thank you for the quick Response.

I’ll do that.

In the Meantime I can finally play those Hunters.

Thanks again,



Best of luck!


I sent the Request, let’s see if they can help.

But in the End all they have to do is look at the Evidence that I in fact have earned them (Val in the Hunters Quest App has the Skin already equipped for example).

It’s all in the Logs! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I haven’t lost my Elite Status on the Hunters though (And I have them all :sunglasses:) . THAT would truly suck.




Bump. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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This is my original Topic. It’ll help you maybe. :slight_smile: