Might be on the quitting train soon. Hung start error = 50 min penality


Streaming. Playing. Out of nowhere hung start error. Twice. Now I have a 55 min penalty for queuing for hunt. I’m a very patient guy… but come on. This is becoming really crappy.

Is there anyway I can help with the bug process of this? Because this really does suck. I just want to play the game.

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I’ll move it to bugs and you can give a description of anything you did? That’s the most helpful thing you could do I think.


Just playing the game. I can dxdiag if you want. I have multiple streams from today and yesterday of all my moments before the crash.

I can highlight all of them for you if you’d like.


http://www.twitch.tv/ruikio/v/11159467 here is the first highlight. This is the one where I got the 55 minute penalty.


http://www.twitch.tv/ruikio/v/11159876 this may of also added to the penalty? Rejoining a match that is ending? I don’t know.


Two more small highlights for you. Not sure if you guys need the full matches or have any other questions. Feel free to ask away.

They don’t seem to be showing. To view them, please go over to my twitch highlight page.


My last bump! Was hoping there could be more that i could do. That or atleast get a pm from a tester with tips on how to make a post with the most relevant and helpful post



Gotta tag them devs people :stuck_out_tongue:

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Refer to this, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: