MidnightMonash or MidnightRoses?


This is the topic where we discuss our beloved LEADER (@Rapterror THANK YOU FOR THE CORRECTION)( my personal fav ) I personally liked MidnightMonash better, do I know what a monash is? Nope. Is it a real word? I have no clue, but it had that smoothness to it that Roses doesn’t, anyone else like to get some etymology up in here and discuss why one is better than the other? @MidnightRoses not try ing to convince you to change your name, I’ve just been pondering why you have, ever since you did change it.


She (Yup, laddy, you were wrong) has changed it so it matches her Steam name.

Also, Mod isn’t a Leader. Leaders can’t ban people.

Last but not least, she’s actually really evil, you better run.


She changed it to match her Steam Name.

She is not a mod, she is a leader.

@MidnightRoses, come here Rennykinz and explain dis


Track training better pay off [stares deeply down at the ground with a cold sweat dripping from his upper brow]


Also, Ren is a lady.


Who’s Ren? My name is, uh, Steve. And I’m, like…masculi- okay screw it.

Yes, I changed my name to match my Steam name and my old time moniker. I was originally MidnightRoses, then I tried Monash but didn’t like it as much. That about answer it? :slight_smile:


Actually, it was just MidnightRose before. :blush:


But the alliteration was magnificent. Everyone loves alliteration!


This thread is all kinds of creepy lol


…It…actually you have a point.


Gotta impress the internet grills.


Your profile pic looks more like a bird with a shriner hat on than Canada with a racoon hat. Random post is random :slight_smile:


13th post.


For future reference, kindly keep such things to Private Messages. I appreciate the sentiment, @Wahsd, but making a thread really wasn’t the best of ideas. :slight_smile: Thanks though.

@Slewey A grill? Woot? I assume that’s interweb slang?


Yeah, internet slang. Courtesy of twitch chat.


Ah, Twitch chat. The same thing that gave us Kappa…

And if you want to impress someone…this isn’t the way to do it. :laughing: As I said, PMs next time, alright?


who was here to impress? I thought it was just to dissect your name.



In reference to this. And why are we dissecting my name? ^.- @Shin I told you this would happen.


well, reading the op seems to me it started out innocently enough mostly saying they liked the other name better and wanting to know what spurred the change.

now we’re all sacrificing goats on an altar… the things that happen in these discussions

shakes head


I like Rose. ^.^

But yes, you did tell me this would happen. :smile: