Midnight Release?


Will Evolve have a midnight release like Dying Light did?


depends where you live i guess. probably somewhere on this earth will be midnight…


TRS and 2K are based on the west coast… so probably going by PST time zone.


Yeah what Ryaneko said.For me Alpha and Beta began at 7 in the afternoon.But i haven’t checked when the release is.


I’m 80% positive that all digital games on the Xbox one are released at 1201 est.


I live in Pennsylvania and on Xbox you can’t play digital games to 3 in the morning. So it’s 12 pacific time zone.


Midnight releases tend to be at midnight EST. My guess is Evolve will follow that example. Which is cool with me since I live on the west coast, I’ll get to play it at 9pm!


I’m just waitting for someone to tell us the time so another good forum member can tell me what time it will be at GMT+2 because(and i ain’t ashamed to tell it) i completely suck at timezones.Even if i go to google to check it i still won’t understand it


GMT is PST+8.
So if release is midnight PST then it will be 8:00am GMT or 10:00am for you.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.


So whatever time PST is announced i will add +8 hours for GMT and +10 hours for GMT+2?

Please someone confirm this


I’m fairly certain thats correct.


That’s correct. If you are as bad as me with time zones, use this, it’s really easy to use =D


Thanks a lot guys


7am your time.


Thanks again.But i’m pretty sure i’ll loose the first hours of launch because i sleep late in the morning like 6am and wake up at the afternoon ;p


Hm, in this Article it states the following:

I realize this is the Xbox Part, but the unlocking part should be for everyone, I’d assume.