Midnight Ghost Hunt (Revealed at E3)

This was probably my favorite game shown at the PC Gaming Show at E3. It’s sort of a Ghostbusters prop hunt 4v4 game - it looks REALLY fun!

The ghost hunters have to find and capture all the ghosts, while the ghosts have to defeat all of the ghost hunters. Simple. However, there is a timer, and once clock reaches midnight, then something special happens - all the ghosts that died come back from the dead and the ghost hunters must survive their onslaught and escape.

There’s a few questions on the exact mechanics there, so hopefully we get some answers soon. Does one ghost have to survive until midnight for the event to trigger? Do ghosts have one or multiple lives (not counting the revival at midnight)?

They have a sign-up for Alpha via email or key giveaways on their Discord (neither guaranteed) if you want to try it out early. If that’s not your things, they don’t have a release date yet - but hopefully we’ll see it soon!

Official Website: https://midnightghosthunt.com/

Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/915810/Midnight_Ghost_Hunt/

And finally, the reveal trailer!

Hope this catches the eye of some of you. :blush:


I already signed for the Alpha, it looks incredibly fun!

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It does! Hoping to get a key. I wonder if they’ll give us extras for friends. :blush:

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