Middle Earth: Shadow of War Discussion Thread



Yeah, gotta say that so far I’ve not felt as though I’ve needed the loot boxes at all, I’ve got plenty of Mirian and Skill Points (since I can’t really decide where I want to take myself build-wise yet) And about 5 pieces of legendary gear (could go and get more right now since there are several legendary Captains running around already) and a few rare pieces that are pretty good, along with three 3rd level gems.

I’m not all that far into the game yet, but so far it certainly seems as though people have been fussing over nothing.


I’m waiting to see how people tackle the end game.
Whether the lootboxes are going to be more of an end game incentive or if it is more of a multiplayer based thing for people wanting quick orcs.


There is too much dissonance between fans, players, reviewers and devs to see what’s really going on. So until then, this is prime wishlist material.


I love this game so freaking much…


So,is good? The fear was for nothing?


Let’s wait and see.


That feel when an enraged Captain gets in a few lucky hits and has the No Chance strength. Complete buzzkill. XD


I initially decided i would be unable to purchase this as there was no disk copy for pc and i thought my PS4 would melt (poor fella’s been having difficulties since i had DOOM on it.)

My brother convinced me to go for a ps4 copy. I got a PS4 copy. Thus far I’ve had no issues regarding the MT. It’s not being pushed in my face by missions or normal gameplay elements (though it is pushed hard in the pause menu, with their planned DLC and weekly MT “bargains”)
[Sidenote: it’s only in the landing section for the pause menu. It’s not in any other menus]

Gameplay seems fine. I’m told the legendary captains using in-game currency is about 1 in 25 (they cost 1500m which doesn’t take me long to farm) [“m” being Mirian, the in game currency. Might as well call em Shmeckels. You can destroy unused gear for large amounts of Shmeckels. I have 13,000 Shmeckels as of quitting tonight]

I am not even halfway through yet, as i do all the collectibles when i reach a new region before pushing down quests. If i find any issues by the end of the game i will be sure to let you know.

Miscellaneous section: there are some non-MT related bugs, nothing I’ve encountered that were game breaking. I got myself caught in a wall once, but fast traveled out. Minor annoyance, i had to kill a captain 6 times (and he was legendary, so i got 6 pieces of Dark Tribe legendary drops.)

Once i get to the end of the game (where i see most clickbait articles on the Internet that say “You need MT to beat the last mission?!”) I will assuredly update my opinion. So far I’m not expecting to need any MT whatsoever in the game, and am currently doubting i would even need any free MT for the final mission.

Online ranked is probably chock full of MT abusers safe in their castles with a ton of legendary warchiefs and overlords but eh. It’s ranked. Of course they’re going to ruin it. (All assumption-based btw, i have no PS+ available to check)


he was Epic tier at first then I made him a legendary he is currently lv 44 but I will be leveling him up here soon


Isn’t there like, a SOM thread you could’ve posted this in? Lmao.


there is, the shadow of war thread


@Archie_Mabin @SteelDragon we should morph this thread into a “brag about your OP followers” thread.


I think my only major gripe with the game so far is that you can’t command Warchiefs nor your Overlords to go out and murder people in order to level them up, you have to demote them and risk a betrayal. I hope that gets altered.


Speaking of OP followers

im more popular than all of you


@Archie_Mabin The multiplayer sounds like a total joke there and should most likely be skipped. Considering its just fortress raiding it has little to no effect on the other person.


I like the idea of infinitely raiding fortresses in un-ranked. Everything else is out.


What about the true ending of the game ? Can you unlock it ?


I’m not 100% what you mean by “true ending” and please keep in mind that since I’ve been playing I’ve finished all of Gondor Questline and 72% of Eltariel with minimal quests completed outside those. Finished all of: Nurnen and Seregost (and of course, Minas Ithil).

Before i finished for the night i took the fortress in Gorgoroth, and completed the final Gondor quest (rescuing… brunan? I forgot his name.)

I’ve got lots to do in Gorgoroth. Plus I’m about to run through every region and do the stupid Shadow something or other sidequests I’ve been skipping so i can get another 15 or so skill points.

Beyond any of that i don’t know what the ending is shaping up to be or whether i can get the “true ending” but I am attempting to 100% this sucker asap. I just get distracted easily.

Edit: ohh… looked up a fairly spoiler free “True Ending” guide. I believe with some grinding i can easily accomplish that feat. Once i reach The Shadow Wars, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes :]