Middle Earth: Shadow of War Discussion Thread


Link for the stream ?


Ask and ye shall recieve. I even marked off the point where they start talking about it for you.


Only if you do Ranked


Looks like they did the right thing in the end.


I’d say the damage is done already.

Hate to bring it up, but look at Evolve.
Though granted, they (WB) did it before launch, Evolve afterwards. So dunno.


No just no. There is a HUGE difference in people not understanding day 1 cosmetic DLC and someone trying to profiteer off someone’s loss. There were a hundred ways to go about ‘honoring’ someone who fell during game development and this was not it.


Yeah, this whole clusterfuck has put me off from this game. I’ve got an offer from GmG for $33 with preorder DLC and in a form of a protest, I’m not buying this game. What a shame…


I’m not saying the shitstorm surrounding SoW was for the same reasons as Evolve’s shitstorm; I know they’re as different as night and day.

Just, they had the same effect: people becoming wary of a game.


This explains pretty well what happened:

Profiteering is not the word to use here I don’t think.


I don’t think Derp’s comment was directed towards the memorial DLC alone. The sheer slew of DLC when Evolve first launched was brow raising to say the least.

The whole kerfuffle put people off.

As to whether the Evolve DLC packs can be compared to the shitstorm WB raised with their ‘good’ intentions here (I have my own reasons to believe that the current state of the situation might have been their goal to begin with), no, no way in hell.


Disappointingly enough, now I won’t even be buying this game on Day 1 and possibly not at all in the future.

I dunno if anyone remembers, but I have really bad internet (max download speed 180kb/s or roughly 600mb/hour) so in general I purchase physical copies of my video games for PC since they started having ridiculously large total sizes.

Shadow of War is going to be roughly 70gb according to Steam currently, and after searching the internet high and low today I found out they won’t be selling any physical copies of Shadow of War for PC, at least currently.

I could ignore microstransactions but i’m not spending 6 days and nights downloading the game.

also how they handled that man’s memorial was tragic. :disappointed_relieved:


Well now I feel bad even though I don’t really know you, if I could I would lend you the power of teh gud interwbs but I can’t.


I wish it were possible T_T I love Shadow of Mordor and have been looking forward to the sequel for years but there’s no other ISPs in the area (except those that want to offer me “high speed” with a cap, and the highest cap was 100GB/month for like $100 a month).

Hopefully everyone who does get to buy this game thoroughly enjoys it ^^


Ah, I misinterpreted that then :stuck_out_tongue:

Call it what you want, it is what it is. If they wanted to legit do this, they would have done it as a non paid DLC option for a private funded campaign. The idea that they included him as a character, sure cool I get it. But changing your mind because the internet calls you out on it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a stupid idea and wasn’t profiteering. The fact that only most of the states and non outside would even get donated is terrible. Hell, they could have simply just ‘matched’ the DLC money purchased and it would have been less terrible. No, these are greedy as heck devs imo. It’s bad enough that their p2w model hits a primarily formerly based single player game and people think that it is ok.


This will baffle me as long as I play games.

What’s more, people are actually blaming the outcries for calling WB out because of the recent tweet saying that the money would get donated anyway. When . . . you know, there shouldn’t be ANY profit from the DLC to begin with. This is how the DLC should have been introduced right out of the gate.

Whether we believe the tweet or not, is left up to us and considering this is WB, yeah, fuck’em.


I like this game and I’m all set to buy it… I also don’t want to support any greedy shady practices in industry… as a rule I follow after bf3 launch I learnt not to preorder anygames… I just hope it’s as enjoyable as they have showcased it so far


Well . . . this right here will probably make your decision for you.

I mean . . . why ? Why butcher such a beloved game ?


i bought the game after viewing a lot of showcases … i played like 7 hours of it so far and my worst fear went away… i was expecting a long grind to get epic or legenedary items without warchests… but its actually nothing at all… its much much better its almost like previous game … you send a DeathThreat to a captain … go finish him you get a good drop… i have got some legendary items already and im just in ACT II…

i dont know if they bumped the chance to spawn good items higher fearing backlash or not… but so far im enjoying my purchase and i dont feel cheated or slaved to grind in anyway. i get to play the way i want to play.

And also not sure if its a steam glitch but in my country the gold edition costs like 30$ but silver costs 76$ and base game costs 60$… i got goldediton for 30$


There is a lot of mixed messaging going on. And it sort of sucks that the only way to find out is to buy the game :stuck_out_tongue:


i have to say so far i did meet couple of captains with deaththreats having pretty much OP loadouts… like you could only do damage to them from back and they were resistent to everything else… it was a bit challenging since he also had trait to learn from similar moves so he would counter them if you keep vaulting him… so i picked up an orc and threw him at him an dhe fooking learned to dodge that… i guess for casual gamers it might turn them off when they meet someone like him (and i had put a death threat on top of that to make it worse)… but for me i liked the challenge.