Middle Earth: Shadow of War Discussion Thread


1:53 Beast Titan simulator,yay.



Please Monolith,make this come true.


You know, it might be early days yet, but the more I see of this the more I like what I see.


New short trailer for people.


Little bit more Fortress gameplay for everyone.


Ologs are so much cooler than uruks


The latest livestream had some Shadow of War gameplay in it for those interested.


Oh boy,this is a lot of footage.


Here’s a little bit more footage for people on the build up to E3.


I’m a bit angry they delayed it, as I was planning on getting it for my birthday, but it’s for the better that they pushed it back to October. Now we’ll get an even better product on release.


Yeah, it is a tad disappointing. But I’ll take a delay for a better experience overall rather than getting another Andromeda.




I’m all for delays as long as I get a polished product.


New trailer, gais!


It just keeps getting better.


Also, if anyone’s interested, during their SDCC stream they got Az-Laar’s VA on stream to read and act some lines as Az-Laar. It was quite entertaining.




Gonna enjoy fighting Balrog with a nature Graug.


I lost all interest in this title the moment micro transactions were announced. A single player game with micro transactions… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! o.O


I actually got my money back for the preorder because of this.
Going to spend it on something else and if the game turns out to be good then I will buy it next time I get money. Game was looking decent up till that point, but got to pay with that wallet.


While I get being frustrated with the appearance of microtransactions in a single player game we’ve already had confirmation that nothing will be locked behind them. That already makes them more palatable than the majority of all other microtransactions.

I’ll personally still be buying the game, but I will not be supporting the game’s microtransactions. I think this is the distinction that people need to start making, not buying the game as a whole isn’t going to get the point across. A big corporation will just see a lack of interest of the series as a whole and is more likely to discontinue said series.