Middle Earth: Shadow of War Discussion Thread


Think almost every fantasy creator has a different idea of what the difference between dragons/wyverns/drakes/wyrms are


Wyrm is actually just a really old word meant to describe any dragon.


Huh, I never knew that… Even now however it’s used to describe something else


Yup. It’s germanic in origin. While dragon is Greek.

Also on the subject the dragons of Skyrim would actually be wyverns.


What I watched:

What the internet apparently watched:


I am not 100% versed in the lore but I am versed in the lore nonetheless and while I sort of agree that seeing an african or african american threw me off a bit, the next scene had a Balrog wearing armor.

Let me repeat.

A BALROG. WITH ARMOR. How do you even fight something like that ???

Besides, Arda is a pretty big place and the books only describe what happened in a very small part of it. Who knows, there could be people like in the trailer.

Ηave I mentioned I love our forums ? Cause I really really do :sunny:



I keep seeing this ad on Hulu.


Just 2 days until the gameplay reveal, guys. I’m looking forward to seeing what improvements they’ve made.



As fun as the first game was, im so hype for this.



There was nothing about that gameplay demo that I didn’t love, it seems that they’ve expanded upon the original game in just about every possible way. I mean, I don’t expect the game to look quite that good on console, but given how good the gameplay looked, I don’t really care.



Damn a lot of it looked scripted af, then again its a gameplay reveal so yeah.
Gotta love the new loot and nemesis system.
I just hope they add difficulty settings, I really hate the cheesy kills and “fear” tactics.



This article makes the Scorpio sound very much like a PS4 Pro. Which is kinda funny, seeing how this game is already confirmed to have Pro support.


Who cares about scripted? I think it’s

#C O O L


Well, the segment they showed was likely to show off all the new features they’re putting into Shadow of War so it was likely scripted even moreso than it would be in the finished game. Though, He did seem to recognise that himself.


Holy damn lads,I think this some case of “AC2/B:AC”.This looks too damn cool.
So,I can be a Warchief/Warlord myself? Goddamn.