Middle Earth: Shadow of War Discussion Thread


Drakes are a bit different from dragons but in the same family.



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Drakes are a bit different from dragons but in the same family.
[/quote]IIRC, in most forms of fantasy media drakes are typically depicted as wingless dragons, aren’t they?

I mean, it’s all subjective, as these are creatures based in pure fantasy, so it doesn’t really matter too much (i.e. Skyrim using wyverns and calling them dragons) but at least that’s my knowledge of it.


Yup. Drakes were more snake like usually.


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Got a treat for you, Mordor fans. The requirements of the game !

Also, any good game based on a property was good because they steered of the story constraints of the property. Even if the timeline gets shived, if it will make a good game, I am all for it. Go Monolith, go !


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Now I gonna think twice before naming my sons,I thought that Drake and Draco were variations of Dracula’s name,but now I discovered that they are also the names of Dragons sub species in Tolkien’s history.At least It would be badass to have a triple meaning name.


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Indeed. Although sometimes (like in Dark souls) they look like wyverns, and are said to be the ‘lesser’ brother of dragons.

You are talking about Wyrms (dragons without any appendages):

Which differ from Wyverns (dragons with only 4 appendages):

And dragons (with 6 appendages):



Also, can I nerd out a bit more about the freaking Balrog! (it’s a Balrog right? Not too at home in Tolkien’s epos :sweat_smile:)

It’s so badass!


No I’m not talking about wyrms. I’m talking about the snake like reptilians with legs.


Ah, those. Can still be Wyrms, or Chinese Dragons


All depends on the creator. GRRM’s dragons have no forelimbs and would be considered Wyverns in other fantasy mythos.


That… is true though :joy:


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