Middle Earth: Shadow of War Discussion Thread


a lot of loyalty for a hired gun.


Roger, standing by !


He is a big guy.


For you.

Edit: back on track from now on though. Shadow of war.


Welp, I tried to test out various methods of getting myself a Legendary Captain so I could look into farming legendary gear, so picking the first Olog I found ('cause Ologs are epic) I let him kill me, and then proceeded to let him kill me until he was level 60 (because it was easier than babysitting him against other Captains and risking my own against him) and when that didn’t push him from epic to legendary I sent him a death threat, he was still only epic, though, so I decided to let him kill me one last time.

He’s still not legendary, but he literally one-shots me now regardless of the attacks he uses. Yeah, I’m still only level 40 and not yet decked out in full, max-level legendary gear so that may be part of the reason. But. Uhh… he’s still one-shotting me. (lacks no chance, thankfully. Not as if he needs it, though.)

So yeah, if any PS4 players see a mission to avenge my death against a level 65 Olog, he hits pretty hard.

Might try to kill him later and see if he comes back as a legendary… I’ll need all the luck I can get for that.


Show us what the beautiful man looks like, I’m curious.


I wasn’t aware that any orcs were able to be pushed into being legendary, I thought it was just something they randomly spawn with and you’re supposed to work from there…?

with a little looking into it, if the orc isn’t legendary ahead of time it’s not going to randomly turn legendary. However, apparently the easiest method of getting a legendary that you’d want is to figure out what you want, defender/hunter/archer, etc, then the tribe you want, go to that tribe’s area, and let the common orc in question kill you.

It can randomly generate into a legendary and as long as there’s a free spot in the region (read, dead captains) it’ll just auto-promote and you can instantly see if you’ve got a legendary or not.

beyond that, you’re either at the mercy of RNG with captains that spawn in naturally over time, or buying the free loot boxes, or if you really want it (I’d prefer not to) you can purchase legendary gear or orcs from the MT shop with golden shmeckels.


Behold! His beautiful face! Not as strong as he could be, given his overall lack of hates, but I still think I’ve made a horrible mistake.

I think the entire system is random. In truth the images of the above Captain was my fourth or fifth attempt at trying to experiment with The Nemesis System because my followers kept saving me when I was trying to die. (One in particular who I recruited solely to level up some of my dark legendaries that seems to have become one of my most loyal followers. XD)

The sole reason I started experimenting in the first place was because I noticed that a Captain became Epic after I screwed up and got killed by them. And then after that, when I let myself get killed by another Olog (solely to level up a blade via the sword-breaker mechanic) I killed him and he came back a little while later as a legendary with a new title. And after that I got betrayed by a Captain of mine, killed him (long story) only for him to come back as a legendary with the title of “The Machine” and try to kill me again. It’s also worth noting that said “Machine” Captain has followed me from the region I first recruited him in, was betrayed by him in, killed him in, and then saw him come back in to another region entirely.

So I think it’s possible to work The Nemesis System to your wants in a limited degree, its just a case of figuring out how.

EDIT: Managed to kill him. Now it’s just a case of waiting to see whether or not he’ll cheat death.


I only played the first one for a little bit, so I don’t know a damn thing about all of this, but that’s pretty sick. I saw gameplay last year(?) that looked badass, so I may get this game. Looks cool.


I’m not sure whether or not you’ve played the first game, but do be aware that with the expansions to both The Nemesis System, the army building mechanics and the gear and gem systems that the level of micromanagement has skyrocketed.


I only played the first one for a little bit, so I barely know what any of that means, but awesome!


Okay, so, my apologies for taking so long but i wanted to finish every other part of the game before doing the last mission for act 3 and beginning the Shadow Wars section.

Totally was not expecting that twist. Not gonna spoil though.

As for the Shadow Wars, the enemy orcs are all your level or lower (some way lower, i ended up being 43, lead enemy orc is 42 and the lowest enemy orc is 32) so i see no reason to use MT whatsoever to attain completion.

However, they do want you to get the $1 xp boosts in order to reach cap level, which is bullshit but there is a way around it. Doing Online activities (which I’m on PS4 without PS Plus and they still allow me to do online activities) gives you a currency called “Spoils of War” and you can use those as well as Spoils chests (which are automatically gained depending on performance in online activities) to get free XP boosts.

I recommend doing as many Online activities as humanly possible in order to gain free XP boosts, then when you sit down and decide to quest just run an XP boost the entire time and you should end up at max level (i did a lot of digging to find out how to max level)

If you don’t do all that, your only choic is to do a ton of nemesis and vendetta missions in order to gain exp from them. You’ll end up doing a SHIT TON as well, i routinely get maybe 2 thousand xp per and from 43 to 44 (where I’m at now) it takes about 57,000 experience to level once. Also it takes 100,000 exp per level from 51 to 60.

As for doing the final mission Questline, MT isn’t needed. You can easily get your own captains and level them to your level through game methods, or you can intentionally die to captains and they’ll become around your level and you can dominate them afterwards. All in all, i don’t feel pressured to do MT for cash at all.

I do wholeheartedly recommend saving your Mirian for the final section, because you have to defend 4 fortresses and the best wall upgrade (metal walls) costs 7500 Mirian a pop. As long as you save enough for those plus any extra for fortress defense upgrades, you’ll be golden.

Also side recommendation, do the fight pits where possible, finishing the final fight pit for each area grants an extra captain plus an extra fort upgrade for each area.


I will also add the bit of advice to keep a couple of med-high level wealth gems handy at all times and stick them on your armour and cape when you’re basically at the point where you’re about to finish a mission for a nice little bit of extra XP.


I ran the entire game with wealth on my armor and cloak. Definitely solid advice.


Minor rez, but it belongs here. It turns out i was the cause behind everything with my monkey paw wish.